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Clarence Ewing - The Million Year Trip writesFriday MP3 Shuffle: Happy Birthday Desmond Child Edition

(photo from

Today on the MP3 Shuffle, we celebrate the birthday of songwriter extraordinaire Desmond Child. According to Wikipedia, he’s the son of a Hungarian aristocrat and a Cuban singer, which is pretty cool in itself. But he’s also made a name for himself penning hit songs for a bunch of popular hard Rock bands including KISS (“I Was Made for Loving You”), Bon Jovi (“You Give Love a Bad Name”), Aerosmith (“Dude [Looks Like a Lady]”), and even Ricky Martin (“Livin' la Vida Loca”). If you were listening to a commercial Rock station in the late ‘80s, you were hearing this man’s words on a regular basis.

To mark this prolific artist’s accomplishments, let’s play the shuffle. Hold your MP3 player high, press the shuffle button, and share the first 10 songs that play:

1. The Eagles - One of These Nights (One of These Nights): Before U2, before Sting, there was The Eagles, the ultimate Band to Look Down Your Nose At

2. Animal Collective - Street Flash (Water Curses EP)

3. RP Boo – Bang’n on King Dr. (Fingers, Bank Pads, & Shoe Prints): I’m digging this music even though there is no possible way to relax to it.

4. Bleach Party - I Thought I’d Seen a Ghost (Endless Bender)

5. Santah - Did We Sing?: A really cool Chicago band. I was lucky enough to see them live at Andersonville City Made festival this year.

6. Seven Teares - Like Your Black Hair (Power Ballads): Alternative Rustic Renaissance Revival? Yes, this is happening.

7. Diana Ross - I’m Coming Out (Diana): Everything Beyoncé is doing, Diana did first and with more versatility.

8. Deerhoof - No One Asked to Dance (Deerhoof Vs. Evil)

9. The Tarts - Hurry Me Home (The Tarts)

10. Lisa Germano - Tomorrowing (Slide)



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SKaiser writes@CHIRPRADIO (Week of October 24)


Join us for CHIRP Night at the Whistler (2421 N Milwaukee) tomorrow, Wednesday October 26th, with Iverson and Boycut! | 8:30 PM | No Cover | 21+


A conversation with BESTMAN and Amelia Hruby


1. Solange – A Seat at the Table (Saint)

2. Flesh Panthers – Willows Weep (Maximum Pelt)

3. Lee Fields & the Expressions – Special Night (Big Crown)

For a complete listing of the CHIRP charts, click here.

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Amelia writesA Conversation With BESTMAN

BESTMAN is the synthpop project of local artist Brian Clouthier. CHIRP volunteer Amelia Hruby caught up with Brian after the release of his new EP BIG SKY.

Amelia: Tell me how you started BESTMAN.

Brian: I started about three years ago. I had been playing in bands in Chicago and met a lot of really cool people, but I felt that I still needed a creative outlet of my own.

Around that time my best friend moved to California with his fiancé who was another one of my really close friends, and I was kind of bummed about it, because we had been close for a long time. So when he asked me to be the best man in his wedding, I took a trip out there. I had only been to California one time before, and I stayed in the Valley the entire time and just thought it was miserable. It totally validated my “I’m a Chicago guy” kind of thing, and I really didn’t understand the romance of the West Coast. But when I went out there to throw his bachelor party, we went to Malibu and Venice and down the coast, hiking in the canyons, and I finally got it.

I came home really inspired to make music that would melt the blue-collar aspect of the Midwest and Chicago and the rock music I had been playing for a long time with this new Cali-electro sound that had started to draw me in.

Keep Reading…

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Topics: bestman

Clarence Ewing - The Million Year Trip writes@CHIRPRADIO (Week of October 17)

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SKaiser writes@CHIRPRADIO (Week of October 10)


Join CHIRP and Transister (5224 N. Clark) this Thursday, October 13th at 8:30 PM for our partnered bi-monthly Music Book Club



1. Jenny Hval – Blood Bitch (Sacred Bones)

2. Swimsuit Addition – Killin' Time EP (Tall Pat)

3. Warpaint – Heads Up (Rough Trade)

For a full listing of the CHIRP charts, click here.

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