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Bobby Evers writesTop Five Musical Cameos From ‘The Adventures of Pete & Pete’

OK, so, this might not land as well with readers who were already adults in the mid- 1990s, or for anyone that was 14 or under during 9/11. But let me just fill you in:

The Adventures of Pete and Pete was a quirky, cool, live-action series on Nickelodeon that ran from 1993 to 1996. It was about two brothers, both named Pete, and their meditative observations about childhood in a small Midwestern postmodern America. While it had incredibly nuanced writing and bright, beautiful colors, most of what we talk about when we talk about Pete and Pete, is the music (compositions by Polaris and Stephin Merritt) and the obscure celebrity cameos, which rivaled Portlandia's use of them today.

This week's Top Five merges both of those. While its non-musical cameos could be a whole other list unto itself (Steve Buscemi?? Patti Hearst???), today we bring you: The Top Five Musical Cameos From The Adventures of Pete and Pete:

5. LL Cool J (from "Sick Day," season 2, ep. 10)

"In Spain it's called Dia infermo, in Hungary beteg nap. Around here... It's just known as... 'the sick day.'" Wherein little Pete plays hookie from school and learns a few memorable lessons about the world, his community, and himself as well. Like Bart Simpson before him, Little Pete is a bit of a hellion. As his principal, it is LL Cool J's job to announce, in a secret coded language to the other teachers that Pete is out, and they all rejoice.

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Topics: debbie harry, kate pierson, ll cool j, lucious jackson, michael stipe, the adventures of pete and pete

SKaiser writesThe Week That Was and Will Be: What’s Happening at CHIRP Radio (5/25/15)




1. Nosaj Thing - Fated (Innovative Leisure)

2. Blur - The Magic Whip (Warner Bros)

3. The Sonics - This is the Sonics (Revox)

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Clarence Ewing - The Million Year Trip writesFriday MP3 Shuffle: Happy Birthday Johnny Gill Edition

Today we say Happy Birthday to Johnny Gill, one of the biggest names in '90s-'00s RnB both as a solo artist and member of the group New Edition. While he wasn’t an original member, Gill was the key to the band accomplishing something other groups rarely achieve: a successful second act. Having fired lead singer Bobby Brown for reasons known to anyone who was watching “Inside Edition” or reality TV in the 2000s, the remaining members decided they needed to recruit someone of comparable skill and charisma up front. With Gill (the only member of the group not from Boston) on lead vocals, they transitioned from a fresh-faced bubble-gum boy band to legit RnB stars, developing a more mature sound and releasing their biggest-selling albums Heart Break and Home Again. Despite splitting up from time to time to pursue solo careers and the consummate New Jack Swing experience that was Bell Biv DeVoe, all six current and former members have remained in each other’s orbit and continue to tour together.

Wish Johnny Gill a Happy Birthday and play the MP3 shuffle by taking your MP3 player, pressing the "shuffle" button, and sharing the first 10 songs you hear:

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Topics: johnny gill

Clarence Ewing - The Million Year Trip writesThe Week That Was and Will Be: What’s Up at CHIRP Radio (5/18/15)

Special Announcements:

You can win tickets to the 2015 Pitchfork Music Festival! Tune in this week for your chance to win.

New Media:

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Tyler Clark writesTop Five: Music Videos Starring Puppets

This fall, the Muppets return to television for the first time since Muppets Tonight, and if the trailer released this week is any indication, the gamble may actually pay off. While Kermit, Piggy, et. al. prepare for their big return, we can tide ourselves over with five music videos starring the Muppets (or puppets like them). Or, as Kermit might say, "It's a top five list! Yaaaaaaay!"



1) The Housemartins, "Five Get Over Excited" (1987)

For all of their artful applications, puppets are really just toys. In the video for the Housemartins' 1987 classic "Five Get Over Excited," they're treated as such. The whole video looks like the end result of giving 12-year-olds a modest budget, a song, and a camera. That's not meant as an insult. In under three minutes, the lads ride go-karts, sneak beers, and screw around with puppets designed to look just like them. The likenesses aren't as on point as other entries in the band-as-puppets genre (with Genesis's "Land of Confusion" taking this to its logical, disturbing conclusion), but the glee with which Paul Heaton and the boys operate their felt doppelgangers more than makes up for any quality issues.


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