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Clarence Ewing: The Million Year Trip writesMonday 2/10: “Disco Godfather” at The Music Box Theatre!

Tonight at the Music Box Theat re holds a very scpecial screening presented by the Chicago Film Society and CHIRP Radio: the 1979 bloxsploitation classic Disco Godfather.

Starring Dolemite legend Rudy Rae Moore (who also produced) and Carol Speed, the film is the story of a retired cop who runs a discoteque and must defend his neighborhood from a local PCP dealer. Featuring the urban DIY aestetic of its genre along with a killer soundtrack, the movie is a glimpse into an earlier, simpler time where dancing, roller skating, and "puttin' your weight on it" ruled.

The Music Box is located at 3733 N Southport Ave 60613. Showtime is 7:00pm. Buy tickets here.

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Clarence Ewing: The Million Year Trip writesCheck Out Waltzer Friday Feb. 7 at Sleeping Village

A trip to the dark side of Rock/Soul/Country is in order when CHIRP Radio welcomes Waltzer takes the stage Friday night at Sleeping Village for a 21+ show. The set will feature the premier of the music video "Destroyer," the first of many new tracks releasing in 2020. 

Also on stage will be Chicago-based queer country singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Sa and Chicago band Space Gators. Doors open at 9:00pm. Show starts at 9:30pm. Buy tickets here.


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Categorized: Event Previews

Topics: andrew sa, space gators, waltzer

Kyle writesThe 92nd Annual Academy Awards Best Picture Nominees in Review

by Kyle Sanders

Boy, 2019 sure was something, huh? Amidst all the talk of impeachment hearings, climate in crisis, and continual hints at a crumbling society, we still had the movies to help us cope through it all.

And what a year for films! While Disney continued it dominance with Marvel comic adaptations and live-action remakes of animated classics, there were filmmakers out there producing motion pictures that were less mind-numbing "theme park rides" (sorry, Mr. Scorsese!) and more so cerebral cinema.

Well, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has seen 'em all, and given us their nominees for the best of 2019. Here are the nine films up for Best Picture of the Year...

1917 (The War Epic)

While it's been done before, it's still a pretty impressive effect to see a film that appears captured all in one take. Director Sam Mendes went this route for this World War I film about two British soldiers tasked with delivering a message to the Second Battalion of the Devonshire Regiment.

The two must maneuver through German trenches and avoid attacks from the enemy in order to insure the battalion calls off a planned attack against the Germans, who are plotting an ambush that could cost the lives of 1,600 British men.

The one-take gimmick works well at building tension, as there is a sense of timely dread the more this based-on-a-true-story unfolds. Skillfully directed by Mendes, 1917 surprised many by winning Best Drama at this year's Golden Globes, and it's possible it could do the same thing at this year's Oscars.

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Categorized: Movies

Eddie writesTake Two: “(Simply) the Best” (Bonnie Tyler Vs. Tina Turner Vs. Noah Reid)

by Eddie Sayago

For this entry of Take Two, we look at a popular song from three decades ago that has become immensely popular thanks to a hit TV show, which has lead to memes and GIFs. To this writer’s surprise, it turns out that Tina Turner’s “The Best” is actually a cover itself...

The Original: Bonnie Tyler "(Simply) The Best" (1988)

Fun fact: Tina Turner's version is actually a cover. The O.G. of this stellar song goes to Bonnie Tyler. "The Best" is featured on her 1988 album Hide Your Heart, which was produced by Desmond Child (who had a very busy year, working with everyone from Joan Jett and Bon Jovi to Cher and Michael Bolton.) Tyler's recording was a Top Ten Norway. Hide Your Heart failed to chart on the Billboard charts.

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