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The CHIRP Blog

Dave Rooney writesCHIRP Radio Best 2019: Dave Rooney

CHIRP Radio Best of 2019

Throughout December, CHIRP Radio presents its volunteers’ top albums of 2019. Our first list is from DJ Dave Rooney.

Completing my first, full year as a sub-DJ with CHIRP, I offer these ten, enjoyable masterworks to consider as your own (big thanks to the diligent CHIRP Music Department, who put most of this music in front of me). Truth told: part of why I joined CHIRP was to reclaim what Neko Case referred to as that teenage feeling. Stuff we played this year might just as easily fitted on my mix tapes from 1982 (time permitting). Black Marble even released a single that shared the same title with a song I penned back then. Assuredly, their song was much better… Essentially, though, the following LPs were the true, long-players.

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Categorized: Best Albums of the Year

Topics: best of 2019

Clarence Ewing: The Million Year Trip writes@CHIRPRadio (Week of November 25)



  • Ari Mejia interviews Erin Delaney and Egon Schiele of Chicago band Daymaker
  • Mick Reed interviews Ganser


1. FKA Twigs – MAGDALENE (Young Turks)

2. Sudan Archives – Athena (Stones Throw)

3. Makaya McCraven – Sides E & F (International Anthem)


Click here for a complete listing of the CHIRP Charts!

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Categorized: CHIRP Radio News and Info.

Dan Oberbruner writesGoon Rocks the Empty Bottle This Thursday!

Los Angeles "grunge-gaze" rockers Goon bring their heavy, melodic sound to the Empty Bottle on Thursday, November 21

image from Partisan Records

Goon's latest album, Heaven Is Humming, plays like an ode to all the best parts of '90s alt-rock. There's Pixies/Breeders-style heavy weirdness on tracks like opener "F Jam" or "Critter." Nirvana riffs lead jammers like "Datura" or "Northern Saturn." And when the guitars aren't chugging, lurching or jangling over bombastic drums and bass, singer Kenny Becker retreats to a quieter, more contemplative space a la Elliott Smith on "Snoqualmie" or closer "CCLL." Bits of field recordings and pre-programmed Casio beats round out the lo-fi soundscape.

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Categorized: Event Previews

Topics: goon

KSanders writesOutside and Inside: “Paradise Hills”

writte by Kyle Sanders

"We are our best when we are ourselves."

So says The Duchess, the flamboyant headmistress (played by Milla Jovovich doing her best "June Cleaver dressed as Effie Trinket") of the mysterious Paradise Hills, a school for the "not like other girls" girls. Yet this quote contradicts her maddening methods meant to help rebellious young women become the spitting image of perfection (or at least to disapproving families or impending husbands).

It's a quote the film should have listened to a bit more closely, as Paradise Hills does not seem to know its true self and therefore, is not quite the best its concept sets out to be.

The film opens with a sweeping bird's eye view shot of new bride Uma (Emma Roberts), serenading her husband with a song at their wedding reception. The film establishes the lavish world Uma lives in with the help of some impressively elaborate costumes and props (we see a floating car driving off from the festivities straight out of Back to the Future: Part II) but it's unclear if this is some sort of dystopian future or not-of-this-planet fantasy.

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Categorized: Movies

Clarence Ewing: The Million Year Trip writes@CHIRPRadio (Week of November 11)



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