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  1. Eleventh Dream Day - Works for Tomorrow

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    Eleventh Dream Day Go Tell It from Works for Tomorrow Local (Thrill Jockey)

  2. Carlton Melton - Out to Sea

    Carlton Melton Perdiddle from Out to Sea (Agitated)

  3. Doug Scharin - Kate No Longer

    Doug Scharin Misinterpretations from Kate No Longer (Off)

  4. Domenique Dumont - Comme ca

    Domenique Dumont Un jour avec Yusef from Comme ca (Antinote)

  5. David John Sheppard - Vertical Land

    David John Sheppard A Thumbnail Sketch of Infinity from Vertical Land (Village Green)

  6. Zomes - Zomes

    Zomes Syster from Zomes (Near Unison)

Tour de Fat 2015 - 120x60

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