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Eddie writesTake Two: “I Can Change” (LCD Soundsystem Vs. Ezra Furman)

written by Eddie Sayago

There is a chance that you have come across a song (or two, or so many more) that you enjoy and did not realize that it's either been covered by someone else or is a cover itself. We hope that this series allows you to appreciate both the original and the covers they have inspired, and to seek out and enjoy new music in the process.

"You are encouraged to look up the original versions if you're never heard them. They blew my mind."  - Ezra Furman, on the joy of song covers

Last year, Ezra Furman released an exclusive EP, Songs by Others, that had seven different takes on seven songs from different parts of rock 'n' roll. While any of the songs could have been featured here, one cover stands out in particular, especially since this time 10 years ago, many of us were eagerly anticipating the new album from the original creators of "I Can Change."

The Original: "I Can Change" by LCD Soundsystem (2010)

Exactly a decade ago, James Murphy and Co. released what was then their final album, This Is Happening, an album that would become one of the best of the year, if not the 2010s. Literally the center (track 5 of 9) of a record filled with Murphy's emotions no amount of synthesizers can hide, both vocals and synths blend together instead of competing with one another for the ears of the listener. "I Can Change" is the perfect song for a soundtrack to 2010, a year that feels and looks like it took place a lot longer than 10 years ago.

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Categorized: Take Two

Topics: ezra furman, lcd soundsystem

SKaiser writes@CHIRPRadio (Week of March 16)


  • Assistant Director Ari Mejia chats at the Chirp studios with Andrew, Zach, and Jeff of Chicago band The Hecks.
  • Features interveiwer Bradley Morgan sat down with twin brothers Jared and Jonathan Mattson of the experimental jazz duo Mattson 2.
  • No Holiday: A Tribute to Kim Shattuck and The Muffs by CHIRP Radio DJ and Features Co-Drector Mick Reed


1. U.S. Girls – Heavy Light (4AD)

2. Califone – Echo Mine (Jealous Butcher)

3. Impulsive Hearts – Cry All The Time (Midwest Action / Cavity Search)

For a complete listing of the CHIRP charts, click here!

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Categorized: Events Journal

DJ Mick writesNo Holiday: A Tribute to Kim Shattuck and The Muffs

written by CHIRP Radio DJ and Features Co-Drector Mick Reed

The Muffs
No Holiday
Omnivore Records

There is no reprieve from death. Dying is the one big thing everyone has to do. There is no calling in sick. No going on vacation and waiting it out. No Holiday.

The Muffs tackled a lot of dark subject matter over their long and circuitous career. Depression, inadequacy, alienation, and deep pits of loneliness, but death really never seemed at the forefront of lead songwriter and vocalist Kim Shattuck’s mind. She, bassist Ronnie Barnett, and ex-Redd Cross drummer Roy McDonald just seemed too busy living.

Even when life was hard, they never really shied away from its harsh, indifferent light. But the tears in their sides and sharp stones under their feet, were laughed off as just part of what made this bumpy ride we’re all on more interesting. Rough terrain never seemed to phase them.

And undoubtedly, the Muffs would hit some rough terrain before the close of the decade. Kim died on October 2, 2019. She was only 56.

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Categorized: Rediscovering Our Record Collections, Album Reviews

Topics: kim shattuck, the muffs

SKaiser writes@CHIRP Radio (Week of March 2)


  • CHIRP Features interviewer Marjorie Alford sits down with the Paranoyds during their last stop in Chicago


1. Ratboys – Printer's Devil (Topshelf)

2. Beach Bunny – Honeymoon (Mom + Pop)

3. Chicago Groove Experiment – Jar of Dreams (self-released)

For a complete listing of the CHIRP charts, click here!

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Categorized: Events Journal

Clarence Ewing: The Million Year Trip writesKiss Winter Goodbye With a Weekend of Great Music at Lincoln Hall

According to the calendar, March is next week. We're matking the end of the winter months with a weekend of music featuring two fantastic acts performing at Lincoln Hall.

Ratboys takes the stageTONITE at 9:00pm!


Telefon Tel Aviv performs Satuesday Febr. 29th at 9:00pm!

CHIRP Radio is proud to present these artists in our ongoing celebration of our 10th anniversary and our great city's Year of Chicago Music. Check Lincon Hall's Web site for ticket information.

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Categorized: Event Previews

Topics: lincoln hall, ratboys, telefon tel aviv

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