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Artist Interviews Warm Human Interview

This week, Features co-director Jessi D speaks with Chicago-based sludge pop trash princess, Meredith Johnston aka warm human. They discuss how the purchase of a new instrument usually inspires the creation of an album, navigating loss by letting the creative process loose on her newest album, Hometown Hero, and how dealing with a uterine fibroid removal in the days of the Roe v. Wade overturn inspired the single "PUSSY IS A GUN."

"And so, honestly, I don't remember a lot of it, but I do remember that I just kind of said 'yes' to every single thing that I came up with. I was like, 'yep, great, yep, great.' And that was just so liberating, and maybe that's because I didn't have the capacity to be nervous or comparative. As an artist, I can get so bogged down with, 'well, this doesn't sound like what other artists are making,' or 'this doesn't sound like this artist that I've been listening to on repeat lately.' I just didn't have any of that. I was like, we're going for it. We're wailing." - Meredith Johnston, on the creative process of her newest album Hometown Hero

Warm human will be playing at the Empty Bottle on Saturday, June 24th with Jimmy Whispers and Sports Boyfriend.

Produced by Jessi D.

Photo Credit: Gavin McDonald

CHIRP Radio · Warm Human Interview

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