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CHIRP Leadership


Shawn Campbell - Founder and General Manager

Shawn Campbell has three decades of broadcast experience, including eight years as program director at Chicago's WLUW, and a stint as a producer and reporter at WBEZ. She’s also been a news writer and anchor, a DJ, a music director, and a news director. The only thing she wanted to do from the time she was ten years old was to be on the radio.

Prior to becoming CHIRP’s first employee in March of 2012, Campbell served as President of the Board of Directors for nearly five years. During that time, she and then-Vice President Jennifer Lizak led a White House meeting on the low-power FM broadcast issue with President Obama’s technology team. In addition to her General Manager duties, she currently hosts a CHIRP show on Saturdays from 12-2pm.

CHIRP Board of Directors

CHIRP is actively seeking applicants to serve on its board. We are especially interested in applicants with expertise in human capital and fundraising. Please fill out our board application here.

John Dale - President

John's is a longtime listener. His love of music started when his older sister would blast synth and soft rock from her bedroom. After she got a Walkman he was forced to develop his own tastes by listening to long defunct radio stations like WHFS and WOXY.

Shortly after moving to Chicago, he discovered CHIRP at Pitchfork Music Festival and he's been listening ever since. He is in awe of the amazing CHIRP volunteer organization and believes CHIRP is a unique cultural pillar of the city.

When he's not volunteering for CHIRP, he keeps himself busy getting mixed up in neighborhood business, being a dad, and as an IT director at a large university in Evanston.

Scott McKenna  - Secretary 

Scott’s music fandom began while sitting on his bedroom floor as a kid, spinning all of his mom’s 45s on his portable record player. Fortunately for CHIRP, he was never quite the musician he dreamed of and went into a more traditional career. A few decades later, Scott heard about a new local radio station that was about to begin streaming and those old music-based dreams came flooding back. Not only that, but his career in a large corporation had given him skills that would be useful to the young organization that was CHIRP.

He’s a CHIRP evangelist in the purest sense, and wholly believes in their mission and beneficial place in Chicago’s music scene. So much so that Scott has now held a board position for nine years and has served in three of the four officer positions and he hopes to give back to the community even more than it’s given to him

Edna Ho - Treasurer 

Edna’s introduction to radio started when she was gifted a very mod Panasonic “Death Star” portable radio. Top 40 hits regularly emanated from the ball and chain, but around the dial she also discovered big band and jazz stations. This was the start of a lifetime search for great music, which she discovers when she listens to CHIRP.  She believes CHIRP is a unique nonprofit organization that brings together and champions Chicago’s creative community. Since 2017 she has been helping to support the station as a member of its board of directors.

Jim Drass 

Jim is an organizational and workflow specialist who joined the Board in 2019 with the goal of combining his extreme passion for music with his business acumen to help his fellow board members propel CHIRP through the next levels of the stations’ strategic goals. This includes operational streamlining and growth in both financial stability and listeners.  His passion for music has brought him from and through various parts of North America over the years, but now a 23-year resident of Chicagoland, this IS home, and he’s ready to give back!

Jennifer Lizak

Jenny Lizak first honed her DJ skills on a Fisher Price record player, and later, a Care Bears cassette player. Several decades later, she studied communication at Loyola University and worked at the college radio station, where she fell in love with radio. Jenny is one of the original board members of the Chicago Independent Radio Project and has served as Marketing Co-Director, Legislative Director, Vice President, and President of the Board. Her favorite CHIRP moment was presenting the case for low power FM radio in Chicago to President Obama's technology advisor in the White House and helping to successfully lobby for the passage of the Local Community Radio Act. When she's not CHIRPing, Jenny works in the Cultural and Civic Engagement Department of the Chicago Public Library and volunteers with the American Cancer Society and various political campaigns

Gail Parson

Gail has had an over 20-year career working on social change issues in the local and national non-profit community. She grew up listening to Chicago radio and is thrilled to have joined the CHIRP board in 2020 after supporting the station for many years.

Chris Whyde

Chris is an avid music fan and non-profit leader who joins CHIRP bringing with him 17 years of experience in public service and corporate leadership. Chris has held various leadership positions throughout his career in technology and operations. Chris is a graduate of DePaul University in Chicago and has lived in the city since 2003. When not listening to CHIRP, Chris enjoys using his skills to help various community organizations grow and make an impact.

Shawn Campbell


Board Members Emeritus

Mike Bennett

Tony Breed

Billy Kalb

Erin Van Ness


Past Board Members

Michel Ardaiolo

Kyle Curry

Jim Mitsuru Davis

Dustin Drase

Gabe Juarez

Andrew Mall

Andrea Marin

Kristin Marks

Jenna Murfin

Mary Nisi

Scott Oltrogge

Keaton O'Neal

Nicole Oppenheim

Robin Osborne

Elizabeth Ramborger

Erik Roldan

Chris Siuty

Micha Ward

Carrie Weston

To contact current board members use the contact form on this site, select 'general inquiries,' and put the person's name in the subject line.