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First Time First Gig - Billy Kalb

explicit language

Billy is a CHIRP Radio lifer – he was there the weekend it first came together, and they've been stuck with him ever since, as a board member, erstwhile DJ, and even Music Director for the station's first five years. In his 30 years on this planet, he's owned three iPods, gotten his picture taken with Ludacris, and had a letter published in Yahoo! Internet Life, not necessarily in that order. When he's not striving to make an honest living, he lives with his wife and their two pet rabbits in Humboldt Park, where he cooks, mourns the decline of the modern super hero comic, and tries not to drink his beer so fast.


produced by Brian Heath and Dan Epstein

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Topics: alt rock, band, cool, fiasco, first time, gerald dowd, high school, liam davis, live lit, martyrs', nirvana, storytelling, teenager