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Artist Interviews Hard Femme Interview

This week, Features contributor Matty G speaks with local artist Jean Cochrane, who performs as Hard Femme. Jean discusses their latest release, A Layer of Topsoil, and how the album was initially conceived as a group effort became a solo project during the pandemic, the effect Chicago has had on their music, and their safer and more relaxed bike route mapping project, Mellow Bike Map.

"I think that can-do ethic with very little investment in local social standing but then also the BMF of the music industry writ large is something that I really respect; that kind of raised me in a sense and it's an ethic I try to pursue." - Jean Cochrane

Produced by Jessi D.

Photo Credit: M Slater

CHIRP Radio · Hard Femme Interview

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Topics: hard femme, jean cochrane, jessi d, matty g