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Artist Interviews Gosh Diggity Interview

This week, Features Department Co-Director Mick R speaks with Joe Marshall, Cheryl Höglind, and Conor O’Donovan of Chicago-based "Midwest kitchen techno" group Gosh Diggity. They discuss the exclusion of a drummer in their band, their tough-to-self-describe music genre categorization, their chiptune, punk, bedroom pop, and indie influences, keeping things upbeat, and their genuine friendship. Their most recent release, Runaway Rocketboyis available on Bandcamp.

"Being in a band, I think it's all about the vibes that you give each other, and it's hard to describe when you find something that really fits well. I think it's kind of like a really good friendship when you find people that bring something to the table that you really enjoy working with, [...] making music, but also just being pals." - Joe Marshall

Produced by Jessi D.

Photo Credit: Joslyn Vosta

CHIRP Radio · Gosh Diggity Interview

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Topics: gosh diggity, jessi d, mick r