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Artist Interviews Eel Romance Interview

This week, Features Director Jessi D speaks with Cameron Lee, who performs as Eel Romance, about his debut album, Funny Blue, his struggle with and commitment to creating his perfect first album, being inspired to finish his album by recording and distributing his own cassette tapes using a recorder from a 90s cereal promotion, and how his own audio diaries formed his sampling process.

"I was just going to share it with some friends, and mainly it was just a personal milestone where I wanted to finish something. [...] I've always had trouble saying that something is finished and committing it and saying this is what I wanted to do, I am proud of this. This represents a piece of me. But this one happened to work, and that took a lot of work to do. [...] This is great surprise, and it's very exciting for me. Because I've always wanted to talk about this, I've always wanted to do this." - Cameron Lee

Produced by Jessi D.

Photo Credit: Nat Werth

CHIRP Radio · Eel Romance Interview

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Topics: cameron lee, eel romance, jessi d