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Artist Interviews Caroline Lucius Interview

This week, Features contributor Matty G speaks with Chicago-based artist Caroline Lucius and her brother and producer Schaeffer Lucius. They discuss the creation process for her newest EP, Running Without Me, producing the entire album alone in the home the siblings share, using samples from family VHS tapes in the production of the album, and making sure to take time for rest.

"I feel like part of me is very anti-nostalgia and against sentimentality because it can hold you back in some ways, and it can make you stay in the past. And I feel like I sound harsh when I say that, because so many people will say, it's ironic - your music has a nostalgic vibe." - Caroline Lucius on sampling her family's VHS tapes in her music

Produced by Jessi D.

Photo Credit: Lori Allen

CHIRP Radio · Caroline Lucius Interview

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Topics: caroline lucius, jessi d, matty g, shaeffer lucius