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Artist Interviews Aya Ito Interview

This week, Features co-director Jessi D speaks with Chicago-based singer-songwriter, Aya Ito. They discuss her newly released EP, Just Might, and how each purchase on Bandcamp comes with Aya's favorite homecooked recipes, her Black and Japanese heritage, re-releasing some of her already J-Pop perfect songs in Japanese, and how a Japanese video rental store shaped her upbringing in Indianapolis.

On her nickname, the Blazian Sensation:

"I really, really love both sides of my culture. I love my Black side, I love my Japanese side. I really consider myself fully Black and fully Japanese. I'm proud of my heritage, and proud of being Black and Asian. And Blazian Sensation obviously rhymes, so I was like, it flows! Let me be Blazian Sensation." - Aya Ito

Produced by Jessi D.

Photo Credit: Abboye Lawrence

CHIRP Radio · Aya Ito Interview

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Topics: aya ito, jessi d