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Rachel Woodall writesYour Official Lineup for “D.C. Against the World” at SXSW on March 13th!

We are very excited to announce the CHIRP sponsored “DC Against the World” show at this year’s South by Southwest music festival! On Thursday, March 13, CHIRP will bring an entire day of music to the New Movement Theater in Austin, TX. From 11am to 6pm, catch bands from all over the country, including Chicago’s own Outer Minds, not to mention the Free Beer and Free Tacos! The lineup is as follows:

Main Stage

11:25am-11:55am Olivia Mancini :: On team DC is the lovely and multi-talented Olivia Mancini. Mancini is a singer-songwriter who masterfully combines folk-pop, doo-wop, and rock ’n’ roll sounds into one upbeat and lively package.

12:20pm-12:55pm Audacity :: All the way from California, Audicaty is a quartet of true garage band rockers. Together since the ninth grade, these musicians have stuck together and stayed true to their guitar-driven, high energy, garage band feel.

1:30pm-2:00pm Outer Minds :: From CHIRP’s hometown of Chicago comes the band Outer Minds. They skillfully combine big garage band, pop, and psychedelic riffs together to create a unique sound.

2:35pm-3:10pm Blind Shake :: Out of Minnesota comes the dynamic power trio Blind Shake. Their unique sound comes in part from the use of a baritone guitar instead of a typical bass.The three put on an electrifying punk rock show.

3:45pm-4:20pm Deleted Scenes :: Another in the Team DC camp, Deleted Scenes bring a unique and unmatched genre to the show: art-rock. Using sound from dozens of genres—including punk, avant-garde, ambient electronic, and pop— the trio has a strong and memorable sound to go with thoughtful lyrics.

4:55pm-5:40pm The Coup :: From Oakland, California, The Coup describes themselves as playing “funk, punk, agressive-disco” music, alongside the description “political hip hop.” Their unique sound and thought-provoking lyrics will leave an audiencedancing…and thinking.

Small Stage

11:55am-12:25pm Vaadat Charigim :: Vaadat Charigim is an Israeli trio who consider their music both dream pop rockand conceptual art. It will be all about the tight, ambient and interestingly laced guitar sounds for most listeners, as the band sings all in Hebrew. The trio gives a breathtaking and thought-provoking performance.

12:55pm-1:30pm Vertical Scratchers :: Vertical Scratchers is a musical duo out of sunny California. Although the band is small in size, they are anything but small when it comes to soundTheir punk-pop-rock sound is extremely energetic and powerful, and the lyrics are equally so.

2:00pm-2:35pm Hospitality :: Out of Brooklyn, Hospitality is a pop-rock trio with an edge. Frontwoman Amber Papini’s smooth vocals blend well with intricate guitar solos and tight drums. This band packs a punch, but their sound is just lighthearted enough to get you bobbing your head along with them.

3:10pm-3:45pm No Regrets Coyote :: This band takes punk rock back to it’s roots. Not only do they give a great performance, leaving you ready to party, but their guitar riffs and catchy hooks prove they have great musical talent behind those just-wanna-party attitudes.

4:20pm-4:55pm Tereu Tereu :: Another for team DC! Tereu Tereu is an indie duo with a strong DC post-punk influence. They are all about past and present meeting: heavy guitar hooks combined with electronic melodies from their laptops. “We all just hope to survive the digital era,” they explain.

5:40pm-6:00pm Coeds :: From Austin & NYC, Coeds is a girl/guy electro pop duo. Between Meridith Munoz’ lyrics and vocals and Ryan Kailath’s skillfully composed music, it’s no wonder the Coeds are such a joy to listen to. They will get you dancing with a lighthearted, '80s-inspired, feel good sound!

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