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First Time First Taste - Terry Gant

explicit language

Terry Gant of the South Side Gants, is the owner of Third Coast Comics in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood, on Loyola’s Lakeshore Campus. The shop started in 2005 as an online comic book store, specializing in graphic novels.The original business model of local delivery of comics to you at your home, workplace or favorite bar resembled the business model of an industrious drug dealer and proved to be just as sustainable. In the summer of 2008 Third Coast Comics became a “Brick and Mortar” operation in Edgewater and this past winter moved to Rogers Park on Sheridan Rd.

Terry earned his BA in Marketing (focusing on geeks) from DePaul University and would consider a MA in Marketing (again to geeks) if he ever planned to get another day job, which he hopes he never has to do. Terry is 50% of all of the African American comic book retailers in the Midwest and has been paid to play Dungeons & Dragons. He has also parlayed all of his nerd cred into about 30 minutes and 20 seconds on both NPR and Good Morning America this year.

Terry currently lives in Evanston, IL with his very patient and understanding wife. In an alternate universe they have 3 daughters named Beckah, Katy and Norway.


produced by Dan Epstein and Brian Heath

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Topics: chicago, comic books, comics, first time, gerald dowd, homework, jimi hendrix, liam davis, live lit, martyrs', school, scott stevenson, steve frisbie, storytelling, third coast comics

First Time First Deal - Avery R. Young

explicit language

Multidisciplinary artist Avery R. Young is a 3Arts Award winning teaching-artist, composer and producer with work that spans the genres of music, performance, visual arts and literature. Examining and celebrating Black American history and culture, his work also focuses in the areas of social justice, equity, queer identity, misogyny and body consciousness. As a writer, this Cave Canem alum has work featured The Breakbeat Poets, Coon Bidness, to be left with the body and Make Magazine. Dubbed “sunday mornin jook joint,” his performance and work in sound design merges spiritual and secular aesthetics with dramatic and comedic sensibilities. He has performed in the Hip Hop Theater Festival, Wordstock and Lollapalooza. His latest full-length release, booker t. soltreyne: a race rekkid, features songs and other sound designed created during his artist residency with the University of Chicago's Arts and Public Life initiative. It was during this residency that he worked worked on sound design and concrete poems called "cullud sign(s)." Through voice, sound, visual art and performance, Young is constantly exploring the forms in which poetry can exist. His work moves through these genres seamlessly and presents a human with multiple identities. He currently is a coach for the youth Poetry Ensemble, Rebirth and working on his first full manuscript of poems.


podcast produced by Brian Heath

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Topics: chicago, first time, is it because i'm black, liam davis, live lit, martyrs', musician, parents, poetry, racism, school, scott stevenson, steve frisbie, storytelling, syl johnson, teacher, teaching, west side