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This week, Features contributor Lee Gomez speaks with Alex Edkins of Toronto-based METZ in advance of their headlining show at the Metro on December 15th. They discuss the refining of their sound and Edkins' solo writing process, how becoming parents has refocused the band's priorities, preparing in advance and committing to Steve Albini's process during the production of 2017's Strange Peace, and creating a live album, Live at the Opera House, featuring a performance of their 2020 album Atlas Vending as a way to keep their musicianship skills strong during the pandemic and connect with their fans. 

"You just see the world differently, and that always seeps into the writing. I also think that it sort of makes you focus, makes sure you're using your time wisely. When we're out touring, we want the shows to be great. For writing, we want it to be the best thing we can make. Because it's time away from our families. And so that hits home pretty hard, you're like, let's not waste our time here. Let's make it count." - Alex Edkins

Produced by DJ Ninja.

Photo Credit: Norman Wong

CHIRP Radio · METZ Interview

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