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Artist Interviews Josh Kantor Interview

This one is for all you baseball fans. Josh Kantor is a former Chicago resident and current organist for the Boston Red Sox. CHIRP DJ and Features contributor Mike Nikolich caught up with Josh to talk about the saga that resulted in him becoming the owner of Nacy Faust's organ, an instrument that she used to delight White Sox fans for many many years. The story starts with an auction and culminates in a cross-country tour featuring Kelly Hogan of the Decemberists, Max Crawford of Poi Dog Pondering and Robbie Fulks player Gerald Dowd. Also in this interview, Mike and Josh cover Josh's work with Hot Stove Cool Music and his many rock band side projects. 

"Keep the repertoire current, keep updating, keep learning the new pop songs, it's more work than just kind of sticking to what you already know. But it's well worth it." - Josh Kantor

Produced by Mike Nikolich

Photo Credit: Adam Glanzman

CHIRP Radio · Josh Kantor Interview

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Topics: josh kantor, mike nikolich