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Artist Interviews Jordan Reyes Interview

This week, Features Co-Director Mick R speaks with Chicago-based artist Jordan Reyes. They discus his new album, Everything Is Always and how an antipsychotic drug led to an overwhelming obsession with death, how zen, zaza meditation and drone metal helped, and his collaborators.  

Jordan Reyes will be celebrating Everything is Always at a release show held at the International Museum of Surgical Science on November 4, 2022.

"I talked to my general practitioner about everything that I was doing and we did a bunch of tests. He said, well, you're physically fine but there's something going on there. It's advice you wouldn't expect from a doctor, but he just told me to make music every day. So I was like, this guy's pretty smart and I know that music has helped me in the past, and I'm trying to wrangle all of these ideas, so I started working on Everything Is Always and what would be Everything Is Always." - Jordan Reyes

Produced by Mick R.

Photo Credit: Katherine Squier

CHIRP Radio · Jordan Reyes Interview

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