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Artist Interviews Hausu Mountain Records Interview

Doug Kaplan and Max Allison run the Chicago-based experimental record label Hausu Mountain. They talked with Features Department Co-Director Mick R about the origins of the label, what kinds of artists they like to work with, their opinions on psychedelic music, and their unique approach to avant-garde art. 

Featured Tracks (in order of appearance): 

"Steam Room Sauna Holla" by Sharkula x Mukqs

"Help Desk" by Wobbly 

"Rhododendron pt. II" by d'Eon 

"Fungal Abundance" by Prolaps 

You can check out Hausu Mountain's catalog online on their site. 

[We're interested in] musicians that are able to... convey excitement and fun, but also maintaining a dedication to total experimentalism [and] genre recombination... [T]here's a whole group of people that have just associated experimental music with listening to a fan for an hour... they're just like "Peace! I don't want to deal with that. That sounds really, really boring to me." [W]e want to work with the people that are [experimental] but able to make [it] fun and engaging for musicians and non-musicians alike. 

Produced by Mick R. 

Photo Credit: Doug Kaplan & Max Allison 

CHIRP Radio · Hausu Mountain Records Interview

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