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Artist Interviews Footballhead Interview

Ryan Nolen is the creative engine behind the Chicago-based alternative rock project Footballhead. Features co-director Mick R. caught up with Ryan to talk about his most recent EP Kitchen Fly, the Chicago underground rock scene, whether or not his music is "emo," and his ranking of the best Nick-Toons characters of all time. 

Ryan will be playing at Sleeping Village with Dazy and Graham Hunt as part of Tomorrow Never Knows Fest on January 18, 2023. 

"I was playing in my band Kirby Grip at the time and we were trying to do like an alternative based, [Smashing] Pumpkins, semi-shoegaze thing, and I had [writen] all these songs that were more like Gin Blossoms or Vertical Horizon almost... Songs that were too poppy... So I said to myself, 'I needed an outlet for these things.'" - Ryan Nolen on the origins of Footballhead

Produced by Mick R.

Photo Credit: Ryan Nolen

CHIRP Radio · Footballhead Interview

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