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First Time: First City - Jim Burchill

jim burchillAfter 14 years in Chicago, Jim Burchill is happy to call Chicago his home. He spent many years doing tech/video work for sketch groups and storefront theatres, then became the long-running musical guest/host for the Monday Night Improv at Mullen's show. If you hadn't heard him on CHIRP Radio from 12 am – 3 am on The Real Saturday Night, there's a good chance he has taken you to the airport during his day job as a Lyft driver. He'll be happy to tell you about his best and worst passengers in exchange for your listening to his new podcast The Essentials, which covers the classic music that people missed while getting entranced by the popular singles. It can be found at

The First Time is CHIRP Radio’s Live Lit and Music series. It pairs a reader’s personal story about a specific "first time" -- a different "first" for each show -- with a song performance. This unique structure allows the story to resonate with audience members as they experience the accompanying song covered by The First Time Four. The band takes special care to perform unexpected song arrangements, so it is hard to tell which the audience enjoys more: the story or the song.

The First Time is produced and directed by Julie Mueller with Assistant Producer Bobby Evers and Host Jenn Sodini. Podcast produced and recorded by Jenn Rourke. Engineering by Tony Baker.

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Topics: bobby evers, first city, first time, first time band, jenn rourke, jenn sodini, julie mueller, live lit, martyrs, storytelling