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Artist Interviews Elijah Berlow Interview

This week, Marjorie Alford speaks with Chicago-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist folk musician Elijah Berlow. They discuss his east coast roots, love songwriting process, how Chicago has helped his collaboration process, and choosing to perform under his own name to be as much of himself as possible.

"I think what draws me most to writing music is you're just kind of picking up signals throughout your existence, if that makes sense. Like these layers or sounds already exist in you or outside of you, and I have to think that writing about them for me over the years has been like an antennae, a manifesting output of these signals. So I think that's what really draws me in." - Elijah Berlow

Produced by Alyssa Edes.

Photo Credit: Lena Jackson

CHIRP Radio · Elijah Berlow Interview

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Topics: elijah berlow, marjorie alford