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Artist Interviews Doom Flower Interview

Doom Flower is a stormy and conceptual anti-folk and trip-hop band based in Chicago. Features Co-Director Mick R. caught up with vocalist Jess Price and bassist Bobby Burg to talk about how the band came together, the moods and secrets contained in the songs off their latest LP Limestone Ritual, and the significance of Jess's retro, digital camera to the group's aesthetics and visuals. 

Limestone Ritual is available on Bobby Burg's own 'Record Label.'

"I like that comparison [of our music] to a big storm. I think often times when it storms, there's kind of a sense of it coming, the mood changes, things quiet a little bit as color of the sky changes, the smell change. And so that's kind of a fun comparison as far as your senses being confused or like just having your attention taken over for a little bit." - Jess Price

Produced by Mick R.

Photo Credit: Collin Bunting

CHIRP Radio · Doom Flower Interview

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