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Artist Interviews Dianogah Interview

This week, DJ Ninja speaks with Kip McCabe, Jay Ryan, and Jason Harvey of legendary Chicago two-bass band Dianogah. They discuss their still-here-ness, how they became a two-bass-and-drums outfit, their favorite collaborators, and their upcoming box set of reissues from Smashed Plastic.

"There was a while where we had a motto that was 'nothing is too stupid.' Like, we don't take ourselves too seriously; the song titles are often humorous (to us at least) and I think we've always tried to add a little bit of levity to the music. So I feel like the genres of music that we get lumped in with a lot of times are thought of as being self-serious and emotional or too academic, and I think we've tried to balance that out with making things feel a little lighter and more whimsical." - Jason Harvey

Produced by DJ Ninja.

Photo Credit: Nathan Keay

CHIRP Radio · Dianogah Interview

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