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Chicago Theatre Off Book Chicago Theatre Off Book: Jan. 6, 2012 Ed.

Chicago Theatre Off Book salutes the best parts of 2011 theatre in Chicago. It’s our End-of-the-Year Party and we are counting down the top ten shows x3!

Kris Vire and Bob Bullen join us in the studio with their 2011 assessments. Best shows, subscription, best year… WHO kicked ass? It’s a special Off Book- UNPLUGGED. This episode of Chicago Theatre Off Book was partially underwritten by The STEP Fund.

Shot word of the show: Phenomenal

Chicago Theatre Off Book for January 6, 2012
Special Guests:
Kris Vire, TimeOut
Bob Bullen, Chicago Theatre Addict and Chicago Like a Local

COMING SOON: In February, Chicago Theatre Off Book and CHIRP Radio are throwing a party to honor the best of 2011 with an HONOR AWARD. Two-tier voting starts here. Katy Walsh tabulated her favorites from reviewing 247 shows on The Fourth Walsh. Now YOU get to help choose the winner. Vote for your favorite show, performer, director, designer…HONOR AWARDS 2011.

Chicago Theatre Off Book is the new voice of community collaboration on CHIRP. Every week, Off Book will feature Chicago leaders in performing arts entertainment. From small storefront to the big warhorses, Off Book will focus on what’s happening on the Chicagoland theatrical landscape.

With reviews, interviews and one-minute audio-plays, Off Book will showcase the local talents driving Chicago’s dynamic theatre force. Hosted by Actor Joshua Volkers and Reviewer Katy Walsh from The Fourth Walsh, Off Book is where Chicago meets to discuss innovation.

The Fourth Walsh on Chicago Now – reviewing theatre…with a little bite!

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