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Artist Interviews Chaepter Interview

This week, Features Co-Director Mick R speaks with Chicago-based R&B and pop artist and producer, Chaepter. They discuss his midwestern roots, his new and first full-length album where he does it all, Kicking the Cat, his desire to create "Midwest Gothic" aesthetic in his work, how his Catholic childhood shapes him as an artist and person, and of course, what "kicking the cat" means.

"I think I've always really liked Gothic literature as a whole and then how it pertains to the region, like Southern Gothics. [...] I kind of wanted to create something that could be categorized as a "Midwest Gothic." Something that pulls from our geography and our region. What it feels like to live in, kind of like a wasteland. I think a lot of people can relate, especially growing up in central Illinois, there is nothing out there. A lot of it is just gone. It used to be this big beautiful prairie, which is such a cool ecosystem, just got turned into a monoculture. Corn and soybeans. And it just feels empty sometimes. And I wanted to create something that kinda reflected that feeling and how geography can reflect how we feel inside. [...] And some of those midwestern values; honesty, vulnerability, I wanted that to be in there..." - Chaepter

Produced by Mick R.

Photo Credit: Vanessa Valadez

CHIRP Radio · Chaepter Interview

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