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Artist Interviews CalicoLoco Interview

This week, Features contributor Matty G speaks with Dani Robles and Zeke Ramsey of Chicago-based jangly glitzy rock band CalicoLoco. They discuss their musical genre influences, writing love songs for yourself, the various friends and family members that create the charming artwork behind their singles, their love for the vast DIY Chicago scene, and why they have Taylor Swift covers on their Bandcamp.

"I say we sound like a bedazzled denim jacket. That's our genre. I don't think we really fit into a lot of genres [...], but we pull from so many, and every song we pull from different genres of what we're listening to at the time." - Zeke Ramsey

Produced by Ninja

Photo Credit: Vicki Holda

CHIRP Radio · CalicoLoco Interview

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