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Clarence Ewing: The Million Year Trip writesWeekly Voyages: Friday 01/04 to Thursday 01/10

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Friday January 4

Tony, Aaron & Rebecca of The Tossers
Abbey Pub 9pm 21+

Bobcat Williams, aotearoa, God and the Architects, Sunfallen
Beat Kitchen 9pm, 21+

Pound of Flesh, Vulgar, Project .44, The Obscene Kiss
Bottom Lounge 8pm

The Energy Commission, A Friend Called Fire, Champions, The Assembly
Double Door 9pm, 21+

The Hoyle Brothers
Empty Bottle 5:30pm, 21+

Clip Art, Weatherman, Tom Musick
Hideout 10pm, 21+

Vintage Blue The New Folk featuring Todd Kessler
Lincoln Hall 9pm, 21+

Jordan-Morgan Lansdowne
Reggies Music Joint 5:30pm, 21+

The Mashup
Rodan 9pm, 21+

Penthouse Sweets, The Safes, Warm Ones
Schubas 9pm, 21+

DJ Heather
SmartBar 10pm, 21+

Susan Werner

Chasing Mars, The Field Auxiliary, The Gnarwaals, The Welcome
Subterranean 9pm, 21+

Shutup & Dance
The Mid 9pm, 21+

Whistler Tips, Geoff Farina
The Whistler 6pm, 21+

Saturday January 5

Stuart Chaseman & The Hardcore Troubadours, V-16, Bitterson
Abbey Pub 9pm 21+

She's Alive, Hometown Heroes, Jordan Benker, A Photo-Finish
Beat Kitchen 6pm

Draft Week, The 92s, The Flips
Beat Kitchen 10:15pm

Matt Roan, Zebo
Beauty Bar 9pm, 21+

Gooey, Weber Band, Astropop, Gnu Kung Fu
Double Door 8:30pm, 21+

Black Actress, Bitter Wigs, Burning Suns, Black Cat Rebellion
Empty Bottle 9:30pm 21+

Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Down to Nothing, Cro-Mags, 32 Frames
House of Blues Chicago 8pm

Terrible Spaceship, Any Kind, Lamp
Lincoln Hall 9pm, 21+

Ghosthouse, Comasoft, Tall Animals, Perfect Kiss
Metro 9pm, 21+

The Buclshot Hounds, The Faster, Cellar Rats
Reggies Music Joint 8pm, 21+

Sons of Mary, Marty Peterson, Last Year's Winner
Reggies Rock Club 8pm

Wayne Montana
Rodan 9pm, 21+

Vulgar Boatmen
Schubas 9pm, 21+

Derek Plaslaiko, Mike Servito, Sassmouth
SmartBar 10pm, 21+

Otis Clay

Mason's Case, My God The Heart, One Season, Kevin Daniels
Subterranean 9pm, 21+

Topher Jones, Nathan Scott
The Mid 9pm 21+

The Whistler 9pm, 21+

Sunday January 6

Otto Vector, Love and Radiation
Beat Kitchen 8:30pm, 21+

David Beltran, Wyser, Le Fonz
Beauty Bar 9pm, 21+

Breakdancing Ronald Reagan, Justin Marc Lloyd, Death Factory, Morales Phallus, Boar
Empty Bottle 7pm, 21+

Everyone's A DJ featuring Nathan Lilley
Empty Bottle 10pm, 21+

Texas Is The Reason, Into Another, Sense Field, and Popeye
House of Blues Chicago 8pm

Mondo Generator, Saviours, Wino, Black4, Witchbanger
Reggies Rock Club 6:30pm

Jamal Jefferies
Rodan 9pm, 21+

Breathe Owl Breathe, Jim Becker Group
Schubas 8pm, 18+

Michael Serafini, Garrett David
SmartBar 10pm, 21+

Nellie McKay

Jon Content & Dirty Church Sox, Chandler London, The WHOevers, Cody DeCamry
Subterranean 8pm, 21+

Monday January 7

Extraordinary Popular, Delusions
Beat Kitchen 8:30pm 21+

Pig Champion, Terminal Man
Empty Bottle 9:30pm, 21+

Robbie Fulks, I Heart Harry Nilsson w/ Band
Hideout 7pm 21+

Push Beats
Rodan 10pm, 21+

Marty Casey, Miles Nielsen, Alex V, John Charles Weston
Schubas 8pm, 18+

DJ Plastic Crimewave
The Whistler 9pm, 21+

Tuesday January 8

The Henhouse, Prowlers
Abbey Pub 9pm 21+

Beauty Bar 9pm, 21+

Bitchin Bajas
Hideout 9pm, 21+

George Saunders
Lincoln Hall 7pm, 21+

Mr. Blotto
Reggies Music Joint 8pm, 21+

Dessa, Psalm One
Schubas 8pm, 18+

Booker T Jones

Jessie Garon & The Branoson Family, Mercy Mercy, The Lawrence Peters Outfit
Subterranean 8:30pm, 21+

Relax Attack Jazz Series
The Whistler 9pm, 21+

Wednesday January 9

Dead Native, Fargo, Shelley Miller and the BCC, The Recruitment
Beat Kitchen 8pm, 21+

Magic Key, Gel Set, Sarah Weis, Matchess [E+, Verma]
Empty Bottle 9:30pm 21+

Nate McBride, Bootstrap
Hideout 9:30pm, 21+

Omer Avital & His Band Of The East
The Old Town School of Folk Music 8:30pm

Steely James, Lou Shields, Kelly Zullo, Chris Flood
Reggies Music Joint 8pm, 21+

Wiping Out Thousands
Schubas 8pm, 21+

Hek/Re:Search, Scotty Brandon, Michael Serafini
SmartBar 10pm, 21+

The Eearly Meadows, The New Originals, Twin Peaks, Baby Kid
Subterranean 8pm, 21+

Love City, We Are The City
The Whistler 9pm, 21+

Thursday January 10

Tangleweed Justin and the Salty Dogs
Abbey Pub 9pm 21+

Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas, Briar Rabbit, Lous Smoods, The Biz
Beat Kitchen 8:30pm, 21+

Roots Revival, Mad Bread, Families, Mulennium
Double Door 8pm, 21+

Fake Limbs, Blasted Diplomats, We Repel Each Other
Empty Bottle 9:30pm 21+

Julie Meckler
Hideout 9pm, 21+

Radar Eyes, Speck Mountain, Circuit Des Yeux
Lincoln Hall 9pm, 21+

The Wailers
The Old Town School of Folk Music 8pm

The Jesters, Shday Grady & The Nobodies
Reggies Music Joint 7:30pm, 21+

Probcause, Vic Spencer, Fitz Fonzarell
Reggies Rock Club 7:30pm

Awe Dub Sessions
Rodan 9pm, 21+

Deanna Devore, The Loneliest Monk, Leslie Hunt
Schubas 8pm, 21+

Sound Remedy, Manic Focus, DJ Belly, Tyler
SmartBar 10pm, 21+

The Daredevil Christopher Wright w/ The Bears of Blue River and The Wild Family
SPACE 7:30pm

Shifting Totem, Desert Earth, Death Valley, Truck of Dead Horse
Subterranean 8:30pm, 21+

TTTTotally Dudes
The Whistler 9pm, 21+

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