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Erin Van Ness writesPioneering the Future of Radio

Over the course of our Fall Membership Drive, we’re sharing some of the inspiring stories we receive from our volunteers and members. Today, long-time CHIRP supporter Scott Brendel explains what makes CHIRP Radio different from traditional radio outlets.

There is more music out there other than what your car stereo currently has to offer. I donate to CHIRP Radio because it is truly independent from corporate sponsors and record companies determining what music gets put on the airwaves. The only way to achieve such independence is through support from donors like you and me. By eliminating the idea that radio is only a tool to sell goods and services (with the occasional catchy tune thrown in) CHIRP has given listeners a real choice in the music they listen to rather than just the illusion of one.

CHIRP is a pioneer in the unexplored world of streaming, independent, and uninhibited radio that gives them the unique opportunity to curate all their programming without the drawbacks of commercial breaks and repeating playlists. I have found that when the CHIRP DJs talk, it is to let their listeners know about the music that they are playing rather than to sell a product. From new releases to independent music labels to foreign and old classics, the variety of music being played is limitless. is a great place to visit to expand one’s horizons on music both new and old. It is CHIRP’s uninhibited freedom of music that will continue to get my donations in the future.

—Scott Brendel
CHIRP Member since 2010

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