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DJ Mick writesCritical Rotation: “Regresa” by Buscabulla

Twice a month, CHIRP DJ and Features Co-Director Mick takes a deep dive into two albums currently in rotation on CHIRP's charts that he thinks are worth some special attention. If you haven't given these albums a listen in their entirety, let Mick make the case for why you should!

Ribbon Music

Recorded in its entirety at their home in their native Puerto Rico, husband and wife musical duo, Raquel Berrios and Luis Alfredo Del Valle, examine the increasing pressures and dissatisfactions of their home island through richly textured and dreamy disco and gold-tinted, cumbia cupping, motorik soul, on their debut LP as Buscabulla, titled Regresa.

In the wake of Hurricane Maria the harsh realities of c0ontinued colonial rule in the 21st century became writ large for the world to see, with residents forced to survive with limited or no access to electricity and potable water for weeks.

At the same time, supplies spoiled on docks while emergency response workers partied in resort hotels, and the so-called President picked beef with local politicians whose only goals were to provide for their people.

The album title Regresa means “return,” and it is a meditation on the needs of a people and a culture who are prisoners of tyrannical circumstances- trapped in a capitalist nightmare where the only solutions tenable to those in power are those that will enrich them further, and where any benefits that actually reach the needy are incidental at best.

Through all this anxiety, doubt, and anger, comes a beautifully introspective album that refuses to submit to the survival position offered to the people of Puerto Rico.

Soundscapes of triumphant joy echo out from the syncopated funk of “NTE,” the infectiously bright and smooth R’nB of “Ta Que Tiembla,” the unwavering, hiccupy glisten of "Club Tú y Yo," and the deep bassy charm and star-fire sparkle of the lovingly warm tribute to Nydia Caro, simply titled “Nydia.”

Every song on Regresa will find it’s way into your heart, if only you are open to the experience.

Mick is always writing about something he's heard. Possibly even something you'd like. You can read his stuff over at I Thought I Heard a Sound Blog.

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