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Clarence Ewing: The Million Year Trip writesComing Soon: CHIRP Radio’s Best Albums of 2017!

2017 is almost over. In some ways, it can't end soon enough. In other ways, it will be remembered as a historic year of change, not the least of which involves a certain community radio station taking to the airwaves.

And of course, it's been another increedible year for all kinds of music. No matter what else the year brings, you can count on the fact there is always new music to bring into your life. With thousands of singles and albums released, it's far too much for one person to take in, let alone evaluate.

Fortunately, we at CHIRP have a fix for that. Every December, each of our volunteers has the chance to create their own Best Albums of the Year list. We'll be posting all of them throughout the month on this blog. Then, using a secret time-tested formula, we'll pick out the most-cited records and present them to you on New Years Eve as our combined CHIRP Radio Best Albums of 2017 list.

We'll kick it off on Monday, December 4th. There will be music you've heard and lots you haven't - perhaps some musical gift ideas for yourself or someone you know...? Check back all month and drink it all in. Your ears will thank you.

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