CHIRP stands in solidarity in the fight for racial justice and an end to police violence.

Black Lives Matter. The fact that it needs to be said shows how very far we still have to go as a country.  We hear you and we are with you.

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Beatnik writesThe Songs That Get You Through: “Recording 15” by Shannon Lay

These are obviously strange times we are living in, so we asked some of our CHIRP volunteers to tell us about a particular song they like to listen to when things are tough. We're calling it, "The Songs That Get You Through."

Tuesday afternoon DJ and CHIRP review writer Danielle Sines writes:

I’ve been digging through my records (alphabetically, even) - but I had to listen to this record early to help soothe my soul during this unprecedented time. With soft folk leanings, Shannon Lay’s "Recording 15" is a beautiful song to listen to while you unwind.

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Clarence Ewing: The Million Year Trip writesThe Future of Bars in Chicago

CHIRP Radio's Citations presents interesting and informative content about Chicago or music (or both) from around the Web.

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of every person in America and will have lasting impact on many livelihoods. In the May 14th edition of the long-running Chicago-based broadcast/podcast This Is Hellhost Chuck Mertz talks to Michael Roper, owner of the venerable northside bar Hopleaf, about how his business is doing as well as the severe and possibly permanent changes happening to the independent bar and restaurant industries in Chicago.

This is Hell! · 1176: Bars, mid-pandemic.


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Jessi D writesCHIRP Radio Shelter In Sound Presents: Smashed Plastic

Like you, the CHIRP Features team is staying home to help flatten the curve! We are shifting our programming to present a new series in our Artist Interview Program.

Shelter In Sound features interviews with artists and local music related tastemakers on what they are doing right now during this global pandemic. Tune in to learn how some of your favorite folx are managing and staying creative while hunkered down.

In this edition, Features Co-Director Jessi D spoke with Andy Weber, one of the founding members of Smashed Plastic. They discuss the founding of his vinyl pressing plant in 2018 and how the pandemic has affected his industry, the trends he's seeing in how music is consumed, and the quirks of the Chicago music scene. This podcast features tracks from local artists ROOKIE, Mute Duo, and Impulsive Hearts, who have all had records pressed at Smashed Plastic.

Produced by Jessi D

CHIRP Radio · Shelter in Sound: Andy Weber of Smashed Plastic Interview


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