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CHIRP Radio writesVote for CHIRP Radio for the Chicago Reader Best of 2021!

The Chicago Reader's annual survey of Chicago's art, music, food, and culture is now accepting votes for the best the city has to offer. CHIRP Radio is well-represented in several categories:

Voting ends at noon on February 2nd. Go to to cast your vote!

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Brad Morgan writes“Toy:” David Bowie and the Internet Age

by Bradley Morgan

Bowie’s lost album finally arrives 20 years later

“I think the potential of what the internet is going to do to society, both good and bad, is unimaginable,” David Bowie told Jeremy Paxman of BBC Newsnight during an interview in 1999. “I think we’re actually on the cusp of something exhilarating and terrifying.”

Bowie’s comments on the potentially chaotic intersection between the advent of the information superhighway and its relationship with and impact on society seem incredibly prescient, especially in hindsight with modern writers and critics often drawing parallels between Bowie’s future proclamations with critiques on modern ills such as the role social media has played within grander schemes to disrupt cultural and social institutions.

It’s a great quote from an excellent interview from the always eloquent Bowie, though only tending to resurface when navel-gazing about the past as we share it on our feeds collectively wondering where it all went wrong.

However, further into the interview and often excluded from clickbait articles, Bowie shares an idealistic fascination for what emerging technologies can do in the spirit of human connection. “From where I am, by virtue of the fact that I am a pop singer and writer, I embrace the idea there’s a new demystification process going on between the artist and the audience.”

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CHIRP DJ writesCHIRP Radio Weekly Voyages (Jan 17 - Jan 23)

Upcoming Events:

  • January 19-23: The Tomorrrow Never Knows music festival happens at Metro, Sleeping Village, The Hideout, Lincoln Hall, Schubas and the Golden Dagger!
  • Friday Febuary 4: CHIRP Radio welcomes CHAI to Lincoln Hall

On the Podcast:

  • Mike Nikolich speaks with Kyle Paulin, Anthony Cook, Garrett Campbell, and Derek Dare of Chicago's St. Marlboro

Top of the CHIRP Charts for the week of 1/10/22:

Man-eaters – Twelve More Observations on Healthy Living (Feel It)


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CHIRP Radio writesCHIRP Radio Weekly Voyages (Jan 10 - Jan 16)

Upcoming Events:

On the Podcast:

On the Blog:

Top of the CHIRP Charts for the week of 1/3/22:

Jordanna – The Full Story (Self-Released)


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CHIRP Radio writesCHIRP Radio’s Top Albums of 2021

CHIRP Radio Best of 2021

Throughout December, CHIRP Radio has been sharing its volunteers’ top albums of 2021. The list below shows the most-often cited records out of the 200+ albums mentoned.

The most-often recording is the third release from the band fronted and led by creative force Michelle Zauner. It's a record that, like many on the list, uses music to express hope, joy, anger, amd optimism in a world that seems to take two steps back for every step forward. In his review of the album, Austin Harvey describes it as "...the sound of Zauner accepting the past and moving into an unknown future with the sun shining." That's pretty much all anyone can ask for, and it's a joy that these records can help us with that. 

From all of us at CHIRP Radio, HAPPY NEW YEAR and best wishes for 2022!



#1 Jubilee by Japanese Breakfast (Dead Oceans)

BUY: Reckless / Amazon

Japanese Breakfast Jubilee

A sharp, shimmering wide-ranging classic of an album (Slinky dance numbers! Warm and fuzzy dream pop! Smart singer-songwriter tracks!) that I'll be listening to for years to come. --Shawn Campbell











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