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Rubbed in Dirt, Dipped in Sugar writesIn Rotation: Imelda Marcos

by John Lombardo

Imelda Marcos | Tatlo | Already Dead Tapes

Chicago drums & guitar duo Imelda Marcos have created something truly captivating & complex with their newest album. Guitarist Dave Cosejo blends together the aggressive, yet melodic guitar work of math-rock inflected bands like Don Caballero & Hella but puts his own spin on the caterwauling chaos, utilizing a guitar slide & an arsenal of palm-muted arpeggios to perk up all ears! On tracks like “moth-->eye of god”, he uses these techniques to create such a disorienting fugue that it almost hypnotizes the listener before splintering off into the song’s groove and release. Drummer Matt Durso is the perfect foil for this excellent guitar shredding. On tracks like “Prism Unabridged” he surges forward with impressive fills and intricate leads, pushing all the action, while simultaneously anchoring the track. This album of high-energy instrumentals ends with a blissed out minimalist number featuring the faint vocals of Lauren Davis (aka Mildred).


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Clarence Ewing: The Million Year Trip writes@CHIRPRadio (Week of June 24)



Top of the CHIRP Charts

1.  Kishi Bashi – Omoiyari (Joyful Noise)

2.  Damon Locks & Black Monument Ensemble – Where Future Unfolds (International Anthem)

3.  Sinkane – Dépaysé (City Slang)

Click here to see the complete list of 50 albums that made this week’s charts as well as new music recently added to CHIRP’s library.

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Lily writesJoin CHIRP Radio This Weekend at The Monarch Art & Wellness Fair!

For the first time ever, Hyde Park Center will be hosting the Monarch Art & Wellness Fair. Come on by Saturday, June 22nd and Sunday, June 23rd to celebrate women, femme and gender non-binary artists, healers and small businesses. This project tries to heal the gap between art and wellness. 

The artists will be sharing their art and selling it. Grab your wallets because over 30 local vendors will be selling goodies including the Feminist Speakeasy, Bad Gem, Early to Bed, Too Cute to be Binary, Plz Be Careful and so much more.

The fair will feature a roster of public programs you can check out that focus in on your physical, mental, spiritual and sexual wellness. On Saturday, they have a queer history walking tour of Hyde Park and a sex ed workshop. On Sunday, they feature a community Reiki healing clinic, a queer film series and an uncovering self intimacy workshop.

The fair will run from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday and noon to 5:00 p.m. on Sunday. CHIRP Radio will be hanging and DJing there on both days, stop on by to say hello!

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Bobby Evers writesIn Rotation: Ryan Burns

by Bobby Evers

Ryan Burns | The Institute | Self-Released

OK, a folky acoustic guitar EP. Got it. Tell me more. Well, for starters, the young Chicago songwriter, also a member of the band Distant Brothers, describes his own work as "genre-bending Americana songs on his banjo and guitar," and according to his bio, he was an ethnomusicology major, pulling subtle influences from Mande drumming, and traditional Irish music. Track 1 sounds like it might be a cross between something off the Llewyn Davis soundtrack and from the Michigan singer-songwriter Matthew Shelton. Track 2 starts with a banjo that grabs you immediately. An aspect of this release that makes it hyper-local is that each track was inspired by a different work at the Art Institute of Chicago, where the EP gets its name from.


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Topics: ryan burns

Amelia writesIn Rotation: Julian Leal

by Amelia Right

Julian Leal | Julian Leal | HoZac

Imagine a resurgence in your musical past after your one and only hit made it on American Bandstand in the '80s. This is what Julian Leal from Romeoville, IL experienced when he was approached from HoZac Records to re-release an archive of his songs after a group of avid record collectors dug deep into record bins looking for his debut material or any 45s of his made available in store or online. Julian Leal self-titled debut album came out in 1985 and quivers with the kind of power pop craze that followed the height of new wave.This archive features his debut album and rarities that focuses on the teenage crush vibe with songs as “Catch Her Trill”, “ Roller Skates” and “ Mad About You.” Taking a listen to this album will have you reminiscing of carefree and wholesome times.


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