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First Time: First Pass - Stirling McLaughlin

Stirling McLaughlin is an award-winning writer and director. His comedy has been praised as "Impossibly balanced between endearing and horrifying" while his horror writing has been called "super-fun and funny" with "lots of laugh out loud moments." His debut feature COLD WAR was the closing night film at the 22nd LA Comedy Festival and the opening night film of the 2018 Midwest Independent Film Festival.

Stirling currently lives in Evanston, IL with his wife and two adorable children. In short, Stirling McLaughlin is a fancy, fancy man. Possibly too fancy. Maybe he should tone it down with the fanciness.

The First Time is a live lit and music series recorded at Martyrs in Chicago's North Center neighborhood. Each reader tells a true first tale, followed by any cover of the storyteller's choosing, performed by our house band, The First Time Three.

The First Time is hosted by Jenn Sodini. Produced by Bobby Evers, Andy Vasoyan, and Julie Mueller. Podcast produced by Andy Vasoyan. Recorded by Tony Baker.

CHIRP Radio · First Time: First Pass - Stirling McLaughlin

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