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Black Lives Matter. The fact that it needs to be said shows how very far we still have to go as a country.  We hear you and we are with you.

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Split Reel Split Reel: Cultural “Sophistication” (with Guest Leonard Pierce)

We live in an age where we have nearly limitless access to not only mass media, but also the critical dissection of said culture via the internet. What sort of impact has this had on our "sophistication" regarding film, television, and music? And what does it mean to be "sophisticated" in the first place -- has that definition shifted over time in response to various trends in art?

Joining me is cultural critic Leonard Pierce, who has written about film and music for numerous publications, and is the author of If You Like The Sopranos... on crime cinema. Leonard's writing can be found at, and for more information on Split Reel, visit

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Topics: leonard pierce, media, split reel