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Artist Interviews Wrekmeister Harmonies

JR Robinson aka Wrekmeister Harmonies sat down with Katie Owens at the Logan Theater to broadly discuss themes examined within his work. In his latest release, JR explored the transformation from lightness to dark, specifically focusing on Truman Capote's interview with Bobby Beausoleil. JR also provided details on his next release which delves into the life and music of 15th century composer, Carlo Gesualdo.

Wrekmeister Harmonies released Then It All Came Down on Thrill Jockey on October 29. You can catch Wrekmeister Harmonies perform at the Bohemian National Cemetery this Saturday, Dec. 6.

Produced by: Colleen Pellissier

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Topics: chicago music, colleen pellissier, jr robinson, katie owens, local bands, local music, pastoral doom metal, thrill jockey, wrekmeister harmonies