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First Time: First City - Andrew Huff

andrew huffIn the 20-some years since he graduated college, Andrew Huff has been a public relations professional, a journalist, the editor and publisher of Gapers Block (a Chicago-centric online magazine that ran for 13 years), a professional blogger for corporate clients, and host of 20x2 Chicago, a show in which 20 interesting people have two minutes each to answer one question. He's also cohost of Tuesday Funk, a long-running monthly reading series where he's known for his topical haiku. He lives in Chicago's West Ridge neighborhood with his wife and three cats, and is currently trying his hand at writing fiction.

The First Time is CHIRP Radio’s Live Lit and Music series. It pairs a reader’s personal story about a specific "first time" -- a different "first" for each show -- with a song performance. This unique structure allows the story to resonate with audience members as they experience the accompanying song covered by The First Time Four. The band takes special care to perform unexpected song arrangements, so it is hard to tell which the audience enjoys more: the story or the song.

The First Time is produced and directed by Julie Mueller with Assistant Producer Bobby Evers and Host Jenn Sodini. Podcast produced and recorded by Jenn Rourke. Engineering by Tony Baker.

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Topics: andrew huff, bobby evers, first city, first time, first time four, jenn rourke, jenn sodini, julie mueller, live lit, martyrs, storytelling