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Erin Van Ness writesWhy I Volunteer

Over the course of our Fall Membership Drive, we’re sharing some of the inspiring stories we receive from our volunteers and members. Today, Assistant Guest Coordinator, Blake Burkhart, shares why he enjoys volunteering for CHIRP.

Hearing a song for the first time is an interesting experience. Sometimes I’ll feel indifferent, or I’ll enjoy it once and move on. On the other hand, there are times when I hear a piece of music, and I am absolutely floored. I’ve never known a source that gives me that feeling as reliably as CHIRP Radio. It’s the combination of an eclectic library and the fact that the DJs (with great taste) actually choose their sets themselves, something that is sadly uncommon these days. I have been an enthusiastic listener since day one, and I have CHIRP to thank for introducing me to many wonderful tunes.

I started volunteering thinking it would be an honor to help this cause in any way I could. That was almost two years ago. Since joining, I’ve hung posters, handed out fliers, interviewed bands for podcasts, snapped photos, shot videos, helped plan events, and hosted my own shows. There have been some thrilling and rewarding experiences to say the least, but the best feeling of all is when a person I’ve never met, in another state—or country!—listens to my show and tells me that they like something I played that they had never heard before. To me, that’s the whole point of what this station is trying to achieve.

—Blake Burkhart
DJ and Volunteer since 2011

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