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Clarence Ewing: The Million Year Trip writesWeekly Voyages: Friday 05/10 to Thursday 05/16

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Friday May 10

Andre Nickatina, Roach Gigz, MUMBLS
Abbey Pub 8pm, 21+

The Schadenfreude Rent Party
Beat Kitchen 7:30pm, 21+

Camera, Temporary Pharoahs
Beat Kitchen 10pm, 21+

Animal City, We Theory, Sasha Kokorokoko
Beauty Bar 9pm 21+

Candyland, Gladiator, Team Bayside High, & Fatoby
Bottom Lounge 9pm

Joe Robinson, Cole Degenova
Bottom Lounge

Candyland, Gladiator, Team Bayside High, Fatoby
Bottom Lounge

The Western, The Outfit, Bobcat Williams, The Bishop
Double Door 8:30pm, 21+

The Hoyle Brothers
Empty Bottle 5:30pm, 21+

Dumpster Babies, The Runnies, Absolutely Not, The Sueves
Empty Bottle 21+

White Mystery. Heavy Times, A Giant Dog
Hideout 10pm, 21+

Boris, Young Widows
Lincoln Hall 10pm, 18+

Mercury Soul
Metro 9pm, 18+

Bailey Dee's Late Night Bait
The Old Town School of Folk Music 8:30pm

Barb Wire Dolls, The Infected, Shift
Reggies Music Joint: 8:30pm 21+

Pain of Salvation, Kingcrow, Imminent Sonic Destruction
Reggies Rock Club 7pm

Rodan 10pm 21+

Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby
Schubas 7:30pm, 21+

Emily Wells, Skating Polly
Schubas 10pm, 21+

Greg Haus, DJ Jenamax
SmartBar 10pm, 21+

Chuck Prophet and the Mission Express, Steve and Diane from Dolly Varden

Minor Characters, Elsinore
Subterranean 9pm

Blunted Beats
The Whistler 9:30pm, 21+

Saturday May 11

Big Wu Family Reunion Xlll, Preparty Circle Of Heat
Abbey Pub 10pm, 21+

They They're There, Noumenon, Oshwa, Kittyhawk
Beat Kitchen 9pm

The Wonder Years, Mixtapes
Bottom Lounge 10am

The Coop, The Manhattan Project, Digeometric, Shapes & Colors
Bottom Lounge 9pm, 21+

State & Madison, The Sweeps, Honey & The 45's, Fletcher
Double Door 9pm, 21+

Wolf Eyes, Yakuza, Bloddyminded
Empty Bottle 9:30pm, 21+

Anthony & The Tramps, Julie Meckler, Good Evening
Hideout 9pm, 21+

DJs Carrie Weston & Mary Nisi
Hideout 11:59pm, 21+

Boris, Pallbearer
Lincoln Hall 10pm, 18+

Black Moth Super Rainbow, The Hood Internet
Metro 9pm, 18+

If Birds Could Fly, Mississippi Gabe Carter, The Sideshow Tragedy
Reggies Music Joint 8:30pm, 21+

Snarky Pupper, Alison Wedding
Reggies Rock Club 9pm

Solid Gold
Rodan 10:30pm 21+

Danielle Ate The Sandwhich, Briar Rabbit
Schubas 7pm

Agoria, Tyrel Williams, Sevron
SmartBar 10pm, 21+

Steve Moakler
SPACE 6:30pm

Tylan of Girlyman, Heather Maloney

Night Beats, Energy Gown
Subterranean 9:30pm

Nathan Scott, Michael Woods
The Mid 10pm, 21+

The Whistler 9pm, 21+

Sunday May 12

Distant Cities, Rachael's Surrender, A Year In A Day, Belmont and Clark
Beat Kitchen 8pm, 21+

Josh Full Breach, Johnny Walker
Beauty Bar 21+

Numero Group Gospel Brunch
Empty Bottle 11am, 21+

Coliseum, Sweet Cobra, Pink Avalanche
Empty Bottle 8:30pm, 21+

METZ, TV Ghost
Lincoln Hall 9pm, 18+

David Lindley
The Old Town School of Folk Music 8:30pm

Sonic Angels
Reggies Music Joint 10pm, 21+

Snarky Puppy
Reggies Rock Club 9pm

Jordan Zawideh
Rodan 10pm 21+

The Ike Reilly Assassination
Schubas 8pm, 21+

Derrick Carter, Michael Serafini, Garrett David
SmartBar 10pm, 21+

Pet Lions, American Wolf

The Morons, Son of a Gun
Subterranean 8pm

The Minneapolis Henrys, Knyfs
The Whistler 21+

Monday May 13

Geoff Rickly, John Nolan, Gabriel the Marine
Beat Kitchen 7pm, 21+

Extraordinary Popular, Delusions
Beat Kitchen 8:30pm 21+

UV Race, Daylight Robbery, Culo
Empty Bottle 9pm, 21+

Robbie Fulks, Greg Cahill
Hideout 7pm 21+

Charlie Hirsch, Jacob Green
Reggies Music Joint 8:30pm, 21+

The End of The Ocean, Rocket MIner, An Aesthetic Anaesthetic
Reggies Rock Club 8pm

Push Beats
Rodan 10pm, 21+

Band Called Catch, Youth In A Roman Field, Xoe Wise
Schubas 8pm 18+

Panoramic & True, Henry Joseph
The Whistler 21+

Tuesday May 14

The Henhouse Prowlers
Abbey Pub 21+

Beauty Bar 9pm, 21+

ElvisBride, Stephanie Rearick Jr., The Crooked Mouth, Daniel and The Lion, Mitch Mead
Double Door 7:30pm, 21+

Masaki Batoh's Brain Pulse Music, The Body
Empty Bottle 9pm, 21+

Hideout 9pm, 21+

Kurt Vile & the Violators, Steve Gunn
Lincoln Hall 8pm, 18+

Fortunate Youth, Inna Vision
Reggies Music Joint 7pm, 21+

Mr. Blotto
Reggies Music Joint 10pm, 21+

Big Speak, Upsin Hounds, Grae
Reggies Rock Club 7pm

Johnny Fonseca
Rodan 10pm, 21+

Lady Lamb The Beekeeper, Xenia Rubinos, Geoff Farina
Schubas 8pm, 18+

Health & Beauty, Conductive Alliance
Subterranean 8pm, 21+

Relax Attack Jazz Series
The Whistler 21+

Wednesday May 15

Distant Brothers, Overman, The Who*es, The Additives
Beat Kitchen 8pm, 21+

Beauty Bar 9pm 21+

Bottom Lounge 10pm

Hugh Bob and The Hustle, The Righteous Hillbillies, Frank Bang & The Secret Stash, Black Oil Brothers
Double Door 8:30pm, 21+

Sir Sly, JMSN, Evan Ireland
Empty Bottle 9pm, 21+

Nick Mazzarella Quartet
Hideout 9:30pm, 21+

Telekinesis, Deep Sea Diver
Lincoln Hall 9pm, 21+

Youth Lagoon, Majical Cloudz
Metro 9pm, 18+

The Old Town School of Folk Music 8:30pm

Devin Miller
Reggies Music Joint 7pm, 21+

Wednesday 13, Vampires Everywhere, Hessler, Sinister Fate
Reggies Rock Club 8pm

Fluid Mercury
Rodan 10pm, 21+

Vietnam, J. Fernandez, Marko Casso
Schubas 9pm, 21+

DJ Psycho Bitch, Teri Bristil
SmartBar 10pm, 21+

Joshua Radin, My Name is You

The Discreet Charm, Boss Fight
Subterranean 8:30pm, 21+

Desert Soap, The Film Society
The Whistler 21+

Thursday May 16

Copper Box
Abbey Pub 21+

The 92's, Grandkids, Wilshire, Old Honey Drums
Beat Kitchen 8pm

In Flames, Armored Assault, Burn The Remains
Bottom Lounge 6:30pm

RAW Natural Born Artists Showcase
Double Door 8pm, 21+

Mike Rep + Tommy Jay, Negative Scanner, The Sleaze
Empty Bottle 9pm, 21+

The Thermals, Bare Mutants, Moon King
Lincoln Hall 9pm, 18+

Shout Out Louds

Kristin Hersh
The Old Town School of Folk Music 8pm

Calvin Evans
Reggies Music Joint 6pm, 21+

Dead Horses, Good Ground, The Butterroot Band
Reggies Music Joint 9pm, 21+


Rotten Sound, Enabler, Reign Inferno, Dead in the Dirt, Pit of Spikes
Reggies Music Joint 7pm

LES Foundation
Rodan 10pm, 21+

Colin Stetson, Justin Walter
Schubas 9pm, 21+

Four Tet, Nate Manic
SmartBar 10pm, 21+

Grant-Lee Phillips, Nicholas Barron
SPACE 7:30pm

Good Willsmith, COIN
Subterranean 8pm

Tom Swoon, Alex Andros
The Mid 21+

Tess Kisner
The Whistler 21+

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