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Clarence Ewing: The Million Year Trip writesWeekly Voyages: Friday 05/03 to Thursday 05/09

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Friday May 3

Twin Tigers, Bad Bad Meow, Snow Ghost
Abbey Pub 21+

Tenki, Hemmingbirds, Dirty Pigeons
Beat Kitchen 9pm, 21+

Senses Fail, Such Gold, Major League, Real Friends
Bottom Lounge8pm, 17+

Too $hort
Double Door 9pm, 21+

The Hoyle Brothers
Empty Bottle 5:30pm, 21+

Colleen Green, Cosmonauts, Jaill, The Garden
Empty Bottle 9pm, 21+

The Claudettes, The Embraceables, The Cell Phones
Hideout 10pm, 21+

Oh Land, High Highs
Lincoln Hall 7pm,

Purity Ring
Metro 8pm & 12am

Bill Frisell's Beautiful Dreamers
The Old Town School of Folk Music 7pm & 10pm

Jimbo Delta
Reggies Music Joint 5:30pm, 21+

Ashes of Avarice, Innersiege, Vanlade, Dark Mirror, Gatekrasher, Ancient Dreams
Reggies Music Joint 7pm 21+

Omen, Tyrants Reign, Ashbury, Eldritch, Blood Feast
Reggies Rock Club 5:30pm

The Mashup
Rodan 10pm, 21+

Chappo, The Lonely Wild, The Kuhls
Schubas 10pm, 18+

Gerd Janson, Savile
SmartBar 10pm, 21+

Trixie Whitley w/ Johnny Nicholson
SPACE 8:30pm

Dead Sheriff, Flesh Panthers
Subterranean 8:30pm, 21+

Polish Ambassador, Project Aspect, Shoregasm, Zebo
The Mid 10pm 21+

John Simmons
The Whistler 9:30pm, 21+

Saturday May 4

Devin the Dude, Mikkey Halsted, Psalm One
Abbey Pub 21+

Pure X
Beat Kitchen 9:30pm, 21+

Tripwirz, Third Coast, Fuse
Bottom Lounge 7pm

Nit Grit, Gladkill, Sugarpill
Bottom Lounge 10pm, 17+

King By Friday, The Bribes, High Energy Physics, Magatha Trysty, The Mirandas
Double Door 8pm 21+

Sweater Funk Dance Party, K-Maxx
Empty Bottle 9:30pm, 21+

Generationals, Brass Bed, Sabers
Lincoln Hall 10pm, 21+

Titus Andronicus, The So So Glos, Sharpless
Metro 9pm, 18+

Ben Rector
Park West

Lords of the Trident, Centrel Disorder, Borrowed Time, Winterhawk, Demon Bitch, Olorin
Reggies Music Joint 5:30pm 21+

Oz, Vikings, Shok Paris, Split Heaven, Pctober 31, Sleepy Hollow
Reggies Rock Club 5:30pm

Will Luck
Rodan 8pm, 21+

Tom Odell, The Colourist
Schubas 10pm, 18+

Simon Baker, Ataxia, Mantas Steles
SmartBar 10pm, 21+

Matt Wertz
SPACE 7pm & 9:30pm

Goodbye Good Sense, The Sky We Scrape, Dead on TV
Subterranean 8pm

DVBBS, Nathan Scott
The Mid 10pm, 21+

DJ Cool Hand Luke
The Whistler 21+

Sunday May 5

Liquid Soul
Abbey Pub 21+

Minor Wits, Duck, Sure Fire Groove
Beat Kitchen 8:30pm, 21+

Geth Prime, Premium, Vamos, Cooler By The Lake
Double Door 8pm 21+

Har Mar Superstar, The Chalice, My Blue Valentine
Empty Bottle 8:30pm, 21+

Kelly Hogan, Dmitry Samarov
Hideout 7pm, 21+

Sugar Blue Unplugged
The Old Town School of Folk Music 6:30pm

Zoe Keating
The Old Town School of Folk Music 7pm & 9pm

Even the Jackals
Reggies Music Joint 8:30pm, 21+

Rodan 10pm 21+

Fort Frances, The Great American Canyon Band
Schubas 7pm,

Derrick Carter, Michael Serafini, Garrett David
SmartBar 10pm, 21+

Sami Grisafe & Stephen Leonard
SPACE 7pm 21+

J-Roc and The Biz, Crussia
Subterranean 8:30pm

Monday May 6

Extraordinary Popular, Delusions
Beat Kitchen 8:30pm 21+

Pomegranates, Noah's Ark Was A Spaceship
Empty Bottle 9pm, 21+

Robbie Robbie Fulks w/ Steve Frisbie
Hideout 7pm 21+

Reggies Music Joint 8:30pm, 21+

Push Beats
Rodan 10pm 21+

Jay Brannan, Julie Meckler
Schubas 7pm

Patti Smith & Her Band
The Vic

Tuesday May 7

Two Cow Garage, The Heavy Machine, Max Benson
Beat Kitchen 8pm, 21+

Beauty Bar 9pm, 21+

Cachet, Sevron
Beauty Bar 9pm 21+

The Waco Brothers
Bottom Lounge 9pm, 21+

Evil Beaver, Rollo Tomasi, The Cut-Outs
Double Door 8:30pm, 21+

Black Pus, Oozing Wound, Mounds
Empty Bottle 9pm, 21+

Hideout 9pm, 21+

Youngblood Hawke, The Colourist, Future Feats
Lincoln Hall 8pm, 13- 18+

Mr. Blotto
Reggies Music Joint 8pm 21+

James McCartney, Rebecca Haviland
Schubas 8pm, 21+

Dear Electric Family, The Oceanic Saints
Subterranean 8pm, 21+

Relax Attack Jazz Series
The Whistler 21+

Patti Smith & Her Band
The Vic

Wednesday May 8

Terrapin Flyer
Abbey Pub 10pm, 5- 21+

Beauty Bar 9pm 21+

Hollywood Ending
Bottom Lounge 7:30pm

Riverside, Jolly, A Friend Called Fire
Double Door 9pm, 21+

The Mirandas, The Morons, Max Clarke & The Cut Worms
Empty Bottle 9pm 21+

Little Boots, AVAN LAVA, Feathers
Lincoln Hall 9pm, 18+

Marcelo Frota
The Old Town School of Folk Music 8pm

Jill Hopkins
Reggies Music Joint 7pm 21+

Dillinger Escape Plan, The Faceless, Royal Thunder
Reggies Rock Club 7pm

Velcro Lewis
Rodan 10pm 21+

J-Roc & the Biz, BE.water, Kave
Schubas 7pm

Greg Corner, Trancid
SmartBar 10pm, 21+

Har-di-Har, Paul Leonard
The Whistler 21+

Thursday May 9

Dead Horses, Logan Brill
Abbey Pub 9pm, 21+

Benyaro, Felix & Lyons
Beat Kitchen 8:30pm, 21+

Ladytron, Reuben Wu
Beauty Bar 9pm 21+

Mobb Deep, Nick Coury, C-Hu$tle, Aerias
Double Door 8pm, 21+

Oyarsa, Sun Splitter, Winters in Osaka
Empty Bottle 21+

Reds and Blue, Man Is Man, Mere Oracle
Hideout 9pm, 21+

Reds and Blue, Man Is Man, Mere Oracle
Hideout 9pm, 21+

Daughter, Wilsen
Lincoln Hall 9pm, 18+

Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires
Metro 9pm, 18+

Tommi Zender
The Old Town School of Folk Music 8:30pm

Apollo House, Midnight Ghost Train
Reggies Music Joint 8pm, 21+

Really Doe, Philosopha, Julian Malone
Reggies Rock Club 7:30pm 18+

Awe Dub Sessions
Rodan 10pm 21+

Von Strantz, Anchors, Maren Celest
Schubas 9pm, 21+

Kill Paris, Haywyre, Tylr, Stephens
SmartBar 10pm 21+

Improvisational Aesthetics w/ Radius & Leo123
The Whistler 21+

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