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DJ Mick writesThe CHIRP Radio Interview: NVDO

by CHIRP Radio DJ and Features Co-Director Mick R (Listen to his most recent shows / Read his blog)

Aight Bet

It never gets old talking to artists about their music. One of the things that it particularly inspiring about talking with young hip-hop artists in the city is their sheer enthusiasm and will to make things work.

This is no less true for young MC, producer, and entrepreneur, NVDO. Here is a man who appears to have willed his career into existence by pure force of mind.

NVDO just released his debut LP The Waiting Room, an atmospheric outing into the wild world of Chicago trap, with plenty of moody verses and bouncy, bubble busting beats to go around.

NVDO is a passionate producer and his skill and excellence has brought him into the trajectory of a number of the city’s more recent rap icons, including Mick Jenkins, who guests on a number of the tracks.

When NVDO reached out about an interview, of course I said yes. And I’m very glad I did. His commitment to the project is contagious and it was cool to be able to read and reflect on his story. See what he has to say for himself and about himself below:

Listen to The Waiting Room

[Interview conducted via email on September 17, 2021. The transcript has been edited only slightly for the sake of clarity.]

Who is NVDO?

I was born and raised around Chicago. I was a church boy. My pops is a pastor and my mother is a missionary and gospel artist. She always had a musical background so she instilled it in all her kids to be musical. I sung w the choir and played drums, my 3 brothers played the guitar, keys, and saxophone, while my sister sing.

My older brother (Ermahn) began producing before me around 2015 and he really inspired to get in to producing myself. Young Thug, Uzi & drake were my fav artist around that time so I made sounds similar to them.

I was having fun with it and my homies thought my beats were cold so I started to take it serious and eventually started using my singing/rapping in combination with my production. 

Where do I fit in the music scene?

Man, to be honest, music is just the beginning of things. I could really bring multiple things to the scene; from music videos, to skits, comedy, vlogs, live shows, talk shows/podcast etc.- but if I were to talk music specifically, my soul resonates with the R&B/Soul scene, along with the conscious group because knowledge is everything. 

Title of the Project

Over everything I learned in life, the one thing that sits at the top is patience. I remember talking to my friend Lazo Looking for ideas, and he literally said, “the Waiting Room.” I sat there and was like, “Bro, that’s it.”

My whole musical artistry revolved around patience. Being patient is one of the best things humans can be. During that waiting time, if you continue working your crafts and your endeavors, you eventually master those things. You develop a wiser more disciplined mindset. And as soon as the universe realizes you leveled up, it’s time to open a new door.

You can only be blessed according to your preparation. When God say he ready to throw you the ball, he wanna know for sure that you READY to catch it and not gone and fumble the bag.  Patience =  time for Growth

Who are my heroes?

Of course credit must always be given when it’s due when we talkin’ certified GOATs who added to the game or changed it. Mike Jack was and forever will remain that man. Conscious artists like Pac. Life is spiritual so I tap w/ all conscious artists.

The next man I’m finna name should be obvious, and that’s T-Pain. Can’t nobody redo T-Pain. Drake definitely one of my idols, Kendrick and Ye.

Production Process

Like I said earlier, my main influence in my sound comes from those artists. I don’t always necessarily come to the studio with an idea, but I just always know the drums have to be groovy. I grew up a drummer so putting drums together was easy.

I took piano lessons and guitar lessons back in the day so I know the basic maneuvers on how to put a chord progression together.  A lot of times after I finish the beat I listen to it in my car and whatever creative flows come to my head, I record them in my Snapchat so I can go back and record.

How I got Mick Jenkins

Manifestation is crazy. I swear I spoke in to existence I wanted to do a song with him. The opportunity eventually showed itself and he was open to collabing with the beats I sent him.  He practically a Chicago legend. Been bumping Mick since 2012.  And I always felt we could make some hits together and the features definitely vouch for themselves.

Favorite Moments

Honestly this project is an accumulation of my favorite songs thru out the years. Making the beats was the best part. I love instruments. Sometimes a song don’t even need lyrics 

Next for NVDO

This was the year of establishing my brand, I feel like I’m mentally, physically and spiritually prepared to attack my goals on all levels.

As stated earlier I’m into video production, skits, barbering, comedy. I have a whole team of brothers and sisters, family and friends behind me. We see the bigger picture in life and aspire to attain true freedom thru our gifts, skills and talents.

Last word?

This is just the beginning. I can’t wait until you see the friends and family back home.

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