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DJ Mick writesThe CHIRP Radio Interview: L.H.

by CHIRP Radio DJ and Features Co-Director Mick R (Listen to his most recent shows here / Read his blog here)

L.H. is a Chicago MC and entrepreneur with a new EP out this week through his Visual Audio brand called XXXibition. The album is a playground of gritty imagery that defines the outlines of internal struggles and adversity experienced in attempting to survive and thrive in this world.

L.H. makes the most of his fast and nasal flow, twisting and juking on and around sputtering trap beats like a cat on a hot tin roof. You can't pull down what you can't catch, and L.H. is always on the move.

Check out our snappy and exclusive interview with the rhyme maestro himself below: 

Tell our listener’s who you are and what part of the city you hail from.

Name is L.H.. I'm a rap and hip hop artist from Chicago, Illinois

You present yourself as a real go getter. What are the ups and downs of always being on the grind?

Time. Grinding and taking risk is not for everyone. Being a indie artist running my own label, I have my hands in everything from recording to booking shows.. My success will only go as far as my motivation.  There's literally no days off for me.

What’s the hardest part about staying relevant in a fast moving world like hip hop? 

Always staying on top of changing sounds. I try not to vaacume my style. I am always on the hunt for new beats and listening to whats trending.

You sound really comfortable and like you’ve really come into your own sound on your new EP XXXibition. Did your approach for this release differ from past releases? 

I approached it the same as any other project.. Once I decide I want to do a EP or mixtape, I focus on completing it. That's always been my approach. I had a great time making it.

What should people know about you in order to get into the right mindset to listen to this album? 

I'm a high energy artist that loves to create.  If you are looking multiple styles along with lyrics then this project is for you. 

Who handled the production for your latest release? 

I have production from El47, DomEd and T.o. produced it. I just worked with those three producers. Also everything was recorded at UntoldStories recordings in Chicago.

You only have one feature on this new album. Was that intentional? 

Yes. I'm pretty introverted so I'm use to just cracking our songs by myself. I'm always down for features but only if the song needs it. Me and Crystal3x pulled it off and it was great working with her.

Nintendo games seem to be a recurring motif in your work (Hyruken, Treasured, King Koopa). Why do videogames factor into the themes and lyrics of your work in such a big way? 

I just grew up playing video games and I've always been a fan of  art work in general. Especially zelda game art. Nintendo has a lot of The 8 bit sounds that I really like and they get stuck in your head.

What are your goals for the rest of 2021?

My goals are to do more touring, sell more merchandise, make more music, continue to build my fanbase while getting better as an artist. I am always looking to grow who I am as well as the Visual Audio brand. I will follow My goals into the following years as well.

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