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SKaiser writesOverlooked Albums of 2014: Drowners

Drowners | Drowners | Frenchkiss Records

Chirp Radio presents our volunteers' choices of the most overlooked albums in 2014. At the top of our list is the post-punk band Drowners self-titled debut album released January 2014. Welsh (guitar + lead vocals + model) Matt Hitt coolly tosses lyrics like "a school boy grin that only goes to show / that I could never have such control" that bounce playfully along their fast-paced sound that's charmingly reminiscent of their ancestors, The Strokes. Bandmates  Jack Ridley (guitar), Joe Brodie (drums) and Erik Snyder (bass) make four for the group who released their first EP in February 2013 and started working on Drowners in May of 2013. While no song lasts more than three minutes on the album, the opening track Ways to Phrase a Rejection carries you through with all the right surges and lulls present. It may seem their elements are those we've heard before, but give a listen.

It seems worth mentioning that while contributor Peter Voelker photographed the band through their fall 2014 tour he must have picked up on their fashion as well. The Band on the Run photo essay describes them as "fashion's favorite new group." Well, what more can we expect with a model for a frontman.

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