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Rubbed in Dirt, Dipped in Sugar writesIn Rotation: Imelda Marcos

by John Lombardo

Imelda Marcos | Tatlo | Already Dead Tapes

Chicago drums & guitar duo Imelda Marcos have created something truly captivating & complex with their newest album. Guitarist Dave Cosejo blends together the aggressive, yet melodic guitar work of math-rock inflected bands like Don Caballero & Hella but puts his own spin on the caterwauling chaos, utilizing a guitar slide & an arsenal of palm-muted arpeggios to perk up all ears! On tracks like “moth-->eye of god”, he uses these techniques to create such a disorienting fugue that it almost hypnotizes the listener before splintering off into the song’s groove and release. Drummer Matt Durso is the perfect foil for this excellent guitar shredding. On tracks like “Prism Unabridged” he surges forward with impressive fills and intricate leads, pushing all the action, while simultaneously anchoring the track. This album of high-energy instrumentals ends with a blissed out minimalist number featuring the faint vocals of Lauren Davis (aka Mildred).


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