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Urban Punk is the newest street wear line created by husband and wife team, Fred and Fallon Jones. Since the launch in March 2009, they have become a hit in the Chicagoland area.

Urban Punk was established after the two creative personas formed the idea because they were fed up with the stereotypes and violent acts that were happening in Englewood. Finding unique apparel to wear to house parties was also an issue in which Fred encountered.

The raw and edgy types of clothes in the Urban Punk collection evoke a different way of expressing oneself opposed to guns and drugs. The logos consist of multi-colored lettering, with the initials U and P intermingling. “It is what it is,” says Fallon of Urban Punk. It can be different for each person who wears it, with the meaning of their clothing subjective to one’s own thoughts.

Their latest designs show a baby holding up the middle finger. Fallon adds this expression can mean many things, including “F” society right now especially since the nation is under so much stress. “If the message offends you then, Urban Punk is not for you,” says Fallon.

Who are they? Fred, a tall overwhelming friendly individual and his beautiful wife Fallon are the owners of this urban movement and are both native southsiders. Fred and Fallon wanted to create something that helps and has ties to the Southside of Chicago. Stereotypically, people envision the Southside full of gang bangers and drug lords. How ever this is not the case with these two individuals who do not fit this stereotype. They are extremely intelligent and eloquent.

They embodied, “the get fresh attitude and straight forward bluntness of the clothing,” as Fallon likes to describe the concept of Urban Punk.

While speaking with them you could not help but notice their attire, Fallon dressed in hot pink leopard leggings, black bangles and a black Urban Punk T-Shirt. Fred rocked an inspired theme “Kid & Play” high top fade, high top sneakers coupled with a black Urban Punk hoodie to complete the ensemble.

Throughout their hard work and creative vision, UP has grown from a local grassroots movement to now catching the eye of some very influential people within the music industry. The patriarch of the funk music genre, George Clinton is a fan of their designs and fashion forward clothing line. In addition, famous Chicagoans are beginning to take notice like Phil G and Rhymefest.

“We are not your cookie cutter line,” says Fred. Urban Punk has a fall look book coming out and they are making efforts to remain timeless. The Jones’ say they are willing to work hard despite the fact money is tight, all efforts are going into what they believe is a great opportunity.

For more information on Urban Punk visit @ and to purchase their t-shirts visit Leaders 1354 (located 672 N. Wells Chicago, IL).

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