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Rebecca writesMusic and Malt: Beermiscuous and Spiteful Brewing

Welcome to Music and Malt, a series that examines the intersections where music and beer meet in Chicago.

by Rebecca Suzan

In Chicago, music and beer are the cornerstones of a perfect summertime party. Fortunately, both were on hand to celebrate the 4th anniversary of Beermiscuous, Chicago’s craft beer café. I sat down with Andrew Hilsberg, Events Director at Beermiscuous, and Calvin Fredrickson, Account Manager at Spiteful Brewing and singer/guitarist for sewingneedle, at the celebration to talk about the artistry that goes into making and selling both beer and music.

RS: Andrew, how did you become involved with Beermiscuous?

AH: My entry into the beer world was marketing. I had worked in marketing in the music business and in print media. A couple months before it opened, I read a story on DNA Info about Beermiscuous, and I reached out to the owner. He hired me to start email newsletters, run social media, and make industry connections. I have an understanding of consumers, how to differentiate a brand, and how to get people to take notice and take action. I’ve always been at the intersection of commerce and culture, and I’m very fortunate that it’s been in music and beer. It becomes a lifestyle, not a job.

RS: I like that. It’s giving me hope that there are people out there doing things they love while I toil away at my day gig.

CF: Not every day is roses. There are tough days. There are some days you eat dirt. Not everybody wants to see you all the time, and some days you’re just not firing on all cylinders. Those days are discouraging, but most days are positive. I try to remember I’m lucky to do this. Very few people get this chance.

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Categorized: Music and Malt, Community

Topics: beermiscuous, sewingneedle, spiteful brewing

SKaiser writesCity Lit Books

by Shawna Kaiser

Inside the City Lit space community is built around the written word where you will find that special book which brings experiences and emotions all at once new and familiar. "I think it's very comforting to know there will always be another book waiting for me," said owner, Teresa Kirschbraun.  

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Categorized: Community

Rebecca writesMusic and Malt: 5 Rabbit Cervecería

Welcome to Music and Malt, a series that examines the intersections where music and beer meet in Chicago.

by Rebecca Suzan

Tucked away in an industrial complex in the South Side suburb of Bedford Park, 5 Rabbit Cervecería is a literal bright spot. Massive garage doors open to reveal an airy brewing facility and a taproom covered in colorful, Latin American-inspired artwork. Named for a day in the Aztec calendar and an Aztec deity, 5 Rabbit infuses the notably missing flavors of Central and South America into Chicago’s craft beer scene. I spoke with Selina Fabian who works in the 5 Rabbit taproom and learned that both the beer and music communities of Chicago are best served when they’re open to inspiration from unexpected sources.

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Categorized: Music and Malt, Community

Rebecca writesMusic and Malt: Dovetail Brewery

Welcome to Music and Malt, a series that examines the intersections where music and beer meet in Chicago.

by Rebecca Suzan

I've discovered a lot about Chicago since relocating here from New York City 9 months ago, but locals' reaction to the nickname "Second City" has been the most telling. The epithet places their city squarely within the long shadow cast by the Big Apple, but Chicagoans don't bristle at the comparison - they lean into it. I spoke with native Illinoisan JP Pfäfflin, social media manager for Dovetail Brewery and former publicist for Bloodshot Records, and learned that the craft beer and music scenes in Chicago epitomize the "bigger isn't always better" ethos.

RS: Is there a natural connection between music and beer?

JPP: The connection between music and beer is a David and Goliath story. Walking into Best Buy and seeing an endcap of Justin Timberlake CDs is the same as walking into a convenience store and seeing an endcap of Busch Lite. You've got the major music labels [Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group] and the major brewing companies [AB InBev, Molson Coors, Heineken International] and they've got the money to get those placements for their products. There are 5,000 independent brewers in the US - higher than before Prohibition - so there's even more limited cooler and tap space for those brands. It was the same with the artists at Bloodshot [Records]. The label is well-respected and well-recognized, but it was difficult going up against the major labels and getting radio play.

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Categorized: Music and Malt, Community

SKaiser writesIndustrial District: The Hideout

"The Hideout is a regular guy bar for irregular folks who just don’t fit in, or just don’t want to fit in. We didn’t choose the name; it has been called the Hideout since it opened (legally) in 1934."

There are no outsiders inside The Hideout. The doors of the 100 year old public house built in two days by the hard-working remain open to all, no matter the instruments you clang together or rebellion held in your heart.

Here is the kind of place customers recommend bands, where children's plays are performed, musicians choose to hold their listening parties, and everyone dresses up as robots. The Hideout is music, art, performance, plays, poetry, rock and rebellion. 

It's likely the secret to it's historical standing in Chicago is the longlived community platform residing within its walls.

Take a poke around The Hideout's calendar and interspersed between comedy shows, dance parties, and a flipping sweet flea market, are opportunities to support your community through events like the weekly Soup & Bread meal that contributes to local food pantries, or the monthly discussion hosted by women for women called The Girl Talk.

On February 27th The Girl Talk hosted an edition called Women at Work. The hosts, Jen Sabella and Erika Wozniak, asked three women questions related to fighting for their rights in the workplace and the reward of standing strongly together. 

Esthela, a leader of the “Hands Off Pants On” campaign, spoke about her work as a housekeeper and the city ordinance win to ensure all hotel workers who work alone are equipped with panic buttons by July 1, 2018. Esthela was named Person of the Year by TIME Magazine as one of the “The Silence Breakers.” Erica Sanchez has been a Chicago Public Schools janitor and SEIU Local 1 member for the past 21 years. Over that time, Sanchez has been a steadfast leader within her union and its fight for economic, racial, immigrant and environmental justice, including the push for $15 and a union at Chicago’s airports. Pennie McCoach has worked at the Chicago Transit Authority for 17 years as a switchmen and she has actively been involved with her union, the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) for 14 years. She holds the position of 2nd Vice President of the ATU.

Check out the next sesson of The Girl Talk on Tuesday, March 27th at 6:30 PM. Meet your neighbors for dinner at this week's Soup & Bread on Wednesday, March 14th, at 5:30 PM. Bring on the pozole, the borscht, the harrira; the shorbit amas and the soupe joumou!

Hosts of The Girl Talk (far left, Jen Sabella and second from right, Erika Wozniak) talk about Women in the Workplace with Esthela, Pennie McCoach, and Erica Sanchez.

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Categorized: Community

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