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CHIRP DJ writescloudsasha’s Best of 2010

Throughout December CHIRP Radio presents its members' top albums of 2010. The next list is from CHIRP Radio volunteer cloudsasha.

(Click here to get the complete list of CHIRP Radio members' picks.)

  1. Beach House – Teen Dream (Sub Pop)
    BUY: Amazon / Insound / iTunes
    This album is true to it's name. It feels like a dreamy crush. It's the perfect combination of melody and harmony; an album that's so easy to fall in love with.
  2. Tame Impala – Innerspeaker (Modular)
    BUY: Amazon / Insound / iTunes
    Aussie trio Tame Impala brings back rock 'n roll the way it's supposed to be heard: with the perfect mixture of smooth as heck production, reverb, percussion and guitar slam dunks. Innerspeaker is an album the way that an album is supposed to be. Each track is a show-stopping psychedelic adventure
  3. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Before Today (4AD)
    BUY: Amazon / Insound / iTunes
    When I first heard that Ariel Pink was going to release a fully produced album using actual, real-life drums I couldn't believe my ears. Before Today is a throwback to the 70's and early 80s in the best way. Ariel has broken out of his reclusive shell and with the backing of Haunted Graffiti, they've created a perfect pop gem.
  4. How to Dress Well – Love Remains (Lefse)
    BUY: Amazon / Insound / iTunes
    My friend recommended me this track by saying, "He samples Inoj, man!" Annnnd that's when I was sold. Love Remains' second track,"Ready for the World", cuts up Inoj's "Love You Down" and transforms it into a beautiful accompanying melody with graceful hand claps and ghosty background vocals. Each track fits into the next one seamlessly. How To Dress Well makes me feel like I'm riding a giant, sparkly, white horse through a magical forest.
  5. Toro Y Moi – Causers of This (Carpark)
    BUY: Amazon / Insound / iTunes
    I just want to be happy. I just want to listen to music that reminds me of how nice the summer was. Toro Y Moi's Chaz Bundick makes me feel good. He sets himself apart from the other recent bands that fall under this mush of Beach Boys-esque music through his crudely produced style that shifts from rock 'n roll to slicked out electronic. [Note: His follow up 7" single Leave Everywhere deserves major bonus points.]
  6. Las Robertas – Cry Out Loud (Art Fag Recordings)
    BUY: Amazon / Insound / iTunes
    What's better than three super hot Costa Rican girls playing super poppy garage rock? Nuthin'! Las Robertas are surfing the 2010 wave of garage girl bands with grace and style, and boy, wouldn't I like to be on that surf board with them.
  7. Caribou – Swim (Merge)
    BUY: Amazon / Insound / iTunes
    As soon as you hear the start of "Odessa" off of Caribou's Swim, you're sold. Daniel Snaith, a former mathematician, puts his his big, number crunchin' brain to use by developing the most successful Caribou album yet--not to mention the live show is killer, filled with kaleidoscopic videos that will blow your miiiiiiind.
  8. Beach Fossils – Beach Fossils (Captured Tracks)
    BUY: Amazon / Insound / iTunes
    With a slight nod to the reverb-filled vocals and melodies of the Clientele, Beach Fossils sing their summer hearts out and twang their guitars. This is a perfect sleepover dance party album from the hearts of these four Brooklyn boys to you.
  9. Fur Cups For Teeth – FCFU (Self-Released)
    BUY: Amazon / Insound / iTunes
    Fur Cups For Teeth are an all-girl, Brooklyn based, trio. The start of this album is reminiscent of the riot grrrl with guitar and drum heavy pop beats with perfectly harmonized, soulfully sweet vocals. These girls ooze attitude and wit. They’re able to shift from punk songs ("Buffalo," "International Baby") in the beginning of the album to Le Tigre and Ladytron-like electro dance beats ("Dadadaddy") with no difficulty at all. This album is versatile, danceable, and can easily seduce the ears of first-time listeners.
  10. White Mystery – White Mystery (Self-Released)
    BUY: Amazon / Insound / iTunes
    No one can ever deny a brother-sister duo that is not only from Chicago, but one of the best live acts of the whole entire year. Look out world, there's a ginger cloud rising over the mountains!


Honorable Mentions
Girls - Broken Dreams Club
Teen Inc. - Fountains/Friends of the Night 7"
Minks - By the Hedge

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