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Erik Roldan writesCHIRP + Coach House Sounds Session with Love of Everything

Over the summer, Chicago duo Love of Everything went over to Coach House Sounds and recorded what would be a marker in the band’s career. I sat in on the session but couldn’t have been aware of the tension between the two members.

To me, the songs they played seemed to land hard – they had worked a lot on the tracks and there were hints that they were still working through them.

Throughout, the delicate pop that Love of Everything crafts was apparent, but surely I couldn’t have known what was happening beneath the surface. It wasn’t until Bobby Burg answered my pre–set e–mail interview questions with surprising honesty that I figured out what was going on.

The Love of Everything Coach House Sounds session will be released on 12/14 over at coachhousesounds.com – listen to chirpradio.org all week for a preview of this amazing time stamp in a young band’s career.

What the dumbest thing you’ve ever done in a basement?

I licked this toy transformer tank that had fallen into the sump pump. That specific taste haunts me to this day.

Tell me about a coach you had as a child. What did you learn from them?

I learned that i wasn’t interested in sports from seeing the football coach at my high school go absolutely berserk during a mandatory pep rally.

Describe a scenario where Love of Everything could be someone’s life coach and the top 2 life lessons you’d teach them.

I could see myself teaching a younger band about how to eat right on while on tour.

What do you like about Chicago, and what makes it special to you?

Chicago is great for playing in a band and seeing live music. It’s flat, so its good for riding bikes. I have a 15 year relationship with Chicago.

Tell me about your CHS session—what did you like about it? Was there anything that surprised you or was spontaneous that came out in the recording?

I didn’t know this at the time but recording that session was the last time Elisse and I would ever play music together.

You’re a coupled, married duo, right? How long has that been the case and how does that factor into the music you make?

We were doing that for 2 years, but now we are getting divorced unfortunately. It totally did effect it, I think the songs I was writing got better as the marriage got worse.

What’s happening? What are your current/upcoming shows or releases?

Loads is happening! Love of Everything’s new drummer will be Tim Kinsella who I play in Joan of Arc with. Our two bands are going on a 3 week European tour together. Love of Everything’s Best in Tensions album came out this month on CD in Europe on the label Seayou Records.

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