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9/20 - 10pm hour
Matt Barr
Marc Ribot 10:15pm Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog Your Turn Your Turn (Northern Spy)
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10:08pm Janedriver swell You Know It's True EP (self-released)
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Jane Weaver - Flock album artwork 10:03pm Jane Weaver Stages of Phases Flock (Fire)
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Jane 10:00pm Jane's Addiction Had a Dad Nothing's Shocking (Warner Bros.)
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9/20 - 9pm hour
Andy Weber
Dalibor Cruz - Realizing Requisites album artwork 9:54pm Dalibor Cruz Local Scarcities Realizing Requisites (Chicago Research)
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Tortoise - TNT album artwork 9:43pm Tortoise Local TNT TNT (Thrill Jockey)
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Mute Duo - Lapse in Passage album artwork 9:39pm Mute Duo Local Red-winged Blackbirds Lapse in Passage (American Dreams)
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Wednesday - Twin Plagues album artwork 9:35pm Wednesday Birthday Song Twin Plagues (Orindal)
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9:30pm CoCoComa Local The Right Side Things Are Not All Right (Goner)
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FACS - FACS Lincoln Hall 2020 album artwork 9:25pm FACS Local In Time FACS Lincoln Hall 2020 (Self-released)
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9:23pm Air Credits Local DOMESTIC TRASH SERVICE BELIEVE THAT YOU'RE HERE (Wasteland Radio New Archives)
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Ohmme - Fantasize Your Ghost album artwork 9:19pm Ohmme Local Ghost Fantasize Your Ghost (Freakout)
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Gia Margaret - There 9:16pm Gia Margaret Local Figures There's Always Glimmer (Orindal)
Track Notes: 2018 Add to Collection
Bnny - Everything album artwork 9:14pm Bnny Local Stardust Everything (Fire Talk)
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Ty Segall - Harmonizer album artwork 9:06pm Ty Segall Harmonizer Harmonizer (Drag City)
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9:00pm Protovulcan Local Shamballa Overdrive Psychic Pinball (Toy Moon)
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9/20 - 8pm hour
The Connells - Steadman 8:56pm The Connells Steadman's Wake Steadman's Wake (Black Park)
Track Notes: out 9/24 Add to Collection
The Eternals - Approaching The Energy Field album artwork 8:52pm The Eternals Local War's Blazing Disciples Approaching The Energy Field (Addenda)
Track Notes: 2011 Add to Collection
Verbal Kent - Save Yourself album artwork 8:49pm Verbal Kent Local Take Save Yourself (Rapmechanics)
Track Notes: 2011 Add to Collection
8:46pm LowDown Brass Band Local Lake of Fire The Reel Sessions (Dibs)
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8:41pm Darling Local Heart Attack Mustache Music Volume 1 (Commune)
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Pledge Drive - Genuinity album artwork 8:39pm Pledge Drive Local Divvy Genuinity (Bernice)
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Spirits Having Fun - Two album artwork 8:33pm Spirits Having Fun Local Hold the Phone Two (Born Yesterday)
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8:29pm The Shifties Local The Jangler Western Automatic (self-released )
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Coltrane Motion - Songs About Music album artwork 8:26pm Coltrane Motion Local Twenty-Seven Songs About Music (Datawaslost)
Track Notes: 2007 Add to Collection
Water from Your Eyes - Structure album artwork 8:19pm Water from Your Eyes Track Five Structure (Wharf Cat)
Track Notes: Out of Brooklyn - Rachel Brown wass born and raised in Chicago. Add to Collection
8:12pm Cafe Racer Local Touchstone (featuring Mia Joy) single (Born Yesterday)
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Metallica - Master Of Puppets album artwork 8:04pm Metallica Master Of Puppets Master Of Puppets (Elektra)
Track Notes: 1986 Add to Collection
9/20 - 7pm hour
DJ Swallow
7:58pm Miles Davis & John Coltrane Ah-Leu-Cha Miles and Coltrane (Columbia)
Track Notes: Recorded at the Newport Jazz Festival on July 4, 1958 Add to Collection
Damon & Naomi - A Sky Record album artwork 7:55pm Damon & Naomi Midnight A Sky Record (20|20|20)
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